Thursday, October 29, 2009

Before the pumpkin turns into a ... Jack

So, today is the day before the day before the day... Halloween that is. Being European (and born before 1990) this has never been an important holiday to me. Although I adore a good costume party, I am most definitely not a fan of all that unsightly gore synonymous with October 31st; cobwebs on houses, ghosts and ghouls and whatnot... Was therefore caught a little by surprise this afternoon when, as I went to Santa Monica to do a spot of window shopping, I found myself completely swept up in all the excited anticipation, consumer stress and hysteria usually reserved for those precious days before Christmas. We're actually not going to a party this year and there aren't any kids in our building = No excuse for purchasing either costumes or candy... Sounds a little sad I know... Well, what can I say, we're old (er) now, and a quiet night in, complete with a 'movie on demand', a bottle of chardonnay and/or a tub of Haagen Dazs is increasingly becoming the most alluring (easiest?) alternative...(sigh) BUT I did end up buying pumpkins en masse (four mini, one medium and a huge one for the obligatory 'Jack-o-lantern'), autumn scented potpourri and candles. I also very briefly considered buying a costume for my dog Moses(!) (The thought being that it would provide me with a good photo op for my new blog :)... Didn't actually take it that far in the end but do check back on Saturday to find out whether I can resist the urge to dress or otherwise.

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