Sunday, November 22, 2009

At the market

The Farmers Market on Main street Santa Monica is definitely one of the best of it's kind here in Los Angeles: Always hopping with people, street music, exotic food-stands, fresh produce, pet adoptions and even pony riding. Going there on a Sunday-morning for fresh flowers and veggies, or just to soak up the great atmosphere is a wonderful way start to the day and something Sean and I used to do often when we lived in the area. Then about two years ago, we felt the urge to leave the beachy vibes of S.M. for the more urban Brentwood, and while that's still relatively close (about 10 min by car), it just isn't the same when  you have to drive there... Actually, in all the time since our move, we've only been back to the Farmers Market once, or maybe two times. A shame really.

However, today it seemed the perfect spot to meet up with our friends Jake and Yoko (visiting from Seattle) for brunch. The last time we saw them, we had just found out that they were expecting a little baby boy... So naturally it with great anticipation that we met the by now 5 month old Enzo Canyon Kazdal for the first time! And what a little munchkin he was - Pure Baby Bliss :)

For some reason, I didn't manage to get a picture of the whole Kazdal family together. Nor do I seem to have gotten one of my husband, although I could have sworn he was there...

Jake with Enzo

Toy Therapy

Sean and I bought Enzo one of these... I think they're cool, cute and gorgeously retro all at once :) Check out  for more options, kits with patterns to knit your own Sock Monkey and general info on this fantastic brand dating back to the 1890s.

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