Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The best (American) holiday?

So tomorrow it's Thanksgiving... You know, the fourth Thursday in November when Americans sit around for an entire day, eat lots and lots of food and feel generally thankful about stuff? ...Truly a wonderful concept if you ask me, and one that I have happily adopted even though I didn't grow up with the tradition. Every year, Sean's parents host a big dinner at their place on the beach: It's always a party complete with a huge turkey, homemade cranberry sauce and trimmings, a crackling fire, beautiful table settings, and most importantly - a ton of happy relatives and friends... (Sean may be an only child but he sure has a gigantic extended family!) This evening, I am already excited by the thought of tomorrow and how lovely I know it will be.

And here (in no particular order :) are some of the other things I feel especially grateful for right now...

                                                                                             My Moses                    

                                                        My Mom

My new coffee cups that I picked up for a song at my new favourite store TJ MAXX 
                                                   (There's a recession people!!)

My secret makeup weapon that hides any flaw in an instant!
Find it at

                                                                                  My (muscle) Man

                                                                                             My Home

                                                My oldest friend, Tanja

Happy Thanksgiving!


Liz said...

If you are just stumbling onto TJ MAXX you have been missing out. My kids think TJ MAXX is part of the grocery store, we go there so often! It's a modern day treasure hunt and I for one, love that place, recession or no recession. Happy Thanksgiving you two - enjoy the tradition!

Emelie Stanfield said...

Haha - This is perfect, because it was actually you who introduced me to TJ years ago. (By showing me a great bag you got there, think it might have been Coach? Anyway, Sean and I promptly stopped at the Tacoma branch om our way home and I have been a dutiful costumer ever since...) And for this I am eternally thankful to you :) Because really, what's not to like? A bargain is a bargain is a bargain. (I guess I should just drop the pretence ;) Happy Thanksgiving Lizzie x

Heidi Bruch said...

We LOVE LOVE LOVE TJ MAXX - so fun to hear that you are a new customer - Hayds and I go often. Love to you and Sean - miss you to pieces! xoxo

Tanja Arvidsson Ortner said...

Åhhh, vad du är gullig Emelie! Blev helt rörd!! Tycker sååå mycket om dig! Kraaaam

Emelie Stanfield said...

Detsamma Taj :)

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