Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I heart the Internet

...Just as I had settled in to my new, old-fashioned way of thinking (see yesterday's entry), I found several really good reasons to be pleased about, and thankful for modern technology: Logging in to Facebook this morning I was pleasantly surprised by the resurfacing of my old friend and London hairstylist, the fabulous Maximiliano Centini. (If you think the name is fantastic, wait 'til you meet the man :) I haven't seen him in over three years, but now, thanks to Facebook we're back in touch. Another lovely little occurrence on my homepage was a friend's request from a childhood acquaintance who reminded me of places and people I had long forgotten but am very happy to re-remember... And last but not least I received the longest, most gorgeous email ever from my bestest Irish-girl Dorothy Fitzgerald (another great name). We met in acting class years ago when we both attended the London Film Academy...Hadn't talked to her in a while and reading all her exciting news was the perfect, inspirational way to start the day. Here's to good old friends conveniently connecting online!

(In the pic: Me and D in the Hollywood Hills last fall)

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