Monday, November 16, 2009

Little old Ladies

There's this nice elderly woman living in our neighbourhood. Moses and I bump in to her every now and then just outside our building; it seems our daily walk often coincides with her grocery run. I would estimate her age to be about 85, her outfit always includes a fab combo of pink lipstick, a bright white tennis visor and a pair of enormous black shades. She either really likes to eat (although she's tiny), or she must throw a lot of dinner parties - because every time we meet, she's laden with shopping bags filled with food. I don't know her name; we never talk for long, but as soon as she sees us her whole face lights up and she promptly drops her bags to the ground, pets and compliments Moses a while, and then produces a treat from her pocket (for the dog, not me).

For all of these reasons, she never fails to make me smile... for a moment... But then I normally try to excuse myself, move on and get back to my walk, my lunch, my day, my life, whatever... And I forget all about her.

So today when we saw her again, I didn't think much of it - our little ritual proceeded as usual; the smiles, the bags, the petting, the treat (that Moses, rather rudely, always spits out after about a second!) ... And I was just about to deliver my standard 'goodbye' and ' you have a nice afternoon', when suddenly she paused, took off her sunglasses to reveal the kindest, bluest eyes and said in a clear, happy voice: "You know, this is the best thing that's happened to me all day". She then put the shades back on, waved lightly, gathered her shopping bags from the ground and continued up the sidewalk.

It was all I could do not to tear up right there on the street.
And then I thought to myself: Well, let this be a lesson about cherishing the small things without setting the bar too high, living in the moment and appreciating all that's good in your life...

Next time I think I will ask that little old lady for her name.


Liz said...

Next time you should invite her to dinner or invite yourself to her place...she must be cookin' something up there!

Emelie Stanfield said...

I really should, shouldn't I... I figure she's either very lonely and a little confused, or she's a total social butterfly and hostess. Either way...

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