Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas blues

Because our families literally live oceans apart, Sean and I always have to choose; Christmas with his family or Christmas with mine. This year, for the first time we were - kind of - able to do both. We spent the 24th at home just the three of us - Sean, me and Moses...we opened a few presents, cooked traditional Swedish Christmas food which includes ham, meatballs, herring and rice pudding (suddenly this strikes me as quite a bizarre mix, but eaten as separate courses, it's really very delicious:) and went to a beautiful late night service at our local church. Christmas morning we went down to Playa del Rey to do brunch and gifts with Sean's parents. The weather was so gorgeous that we were able to eat out on the deck - definitely a new Christmas experience for this particular Irish Swede :) My mom arrived at LAX that evening, so after picking her up, we went back to ours for a late supper and some more gift swapping. Then on Boxing day, the five of us got together for a proper British/American Christmas dinner with turkey and all the trimmings; lovely food of course and even lovelier having our parents in one place for once. All in all, this has been a very different and very special holiday for me, and one that I'm not ready to let go of... just yet...

                                  Christmas past
Christmas table setting last year at my mom's house

My brother Jens and Sean by the fire at my mom's

My cousin Malin, her husband Andreas and baby Isac

Aunt Gunilla, cousin Martina, me and my mom

The guys playing foosball in my brother's kitchen

Christmas present...
Sean with his parents on their deck on Christmas day

Moses trying (in vain) to play with Jake the cat

My mom with a fake penguin and a random boy in Beverly Hills

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