Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My latest gig

You would probably drive right past the high concrete walls surrounding the Fox Studio lot without even noticing, it's that inconspicuous. And were you to actually seek it out, the security at this vast facility is so tight, that even if you managed to locate one of its discreet entrances, it's unlikely that the vigilant staff would let you pass without a fight. However, if you happen to be a Fox Invited Guest, like I was for the first time yesterday, :) you may cruise through the gates unhindered, past the armed (?) security guards and experience the 'city within a city' that lies within. And what an experience it is - there are roads, buildings, parks, walkways, restaurants and best of all - permanent outdoor movie sets! Say you're just walking along, maybe you're chatting to someone and not paying particular attention to your surroundings...suddenly you look up and you swear you've been magically transported from the starchy streets of Century City Los Angeles, straight to a dusty Brooklyn sidewalk... It really is awesome. Naturally, I imagine returning one day a lauded star, (perhaps having just won my third Oscar...) fully decked out in period costume and shooting extensive scenes (probably adapted from some critically acclaimed novel) right there in make-believe New York ...  Ahhh now that would be something.

Alas, my mission at Fox yesterday was of a different kind entirely; I was hired to decorate their lobbies for Christmas. Hmmm yes I know, not quite as glamorous or exciting... But really fun work nonetheless - it was me and two other ladies, and we spent the whole day bringing holiday cheer for the benefit of entering and exiting studio executives. We decided on different themes for the three lobbies, depending on the colours and existing style of each room: Fox News got a whimsical look with gift-stuffed stockings, reindeer and a large snowman. For Fox Sports, a cleaner theme of silver, blue and lots of white poinsettias felt appropriate. In the huge main lobby, we hung elegant wreaths, bows and garlands in shades of dark green, gold and burgundy, following the same sumptuous colour scheme for the tree. The results were very handsome if I may say so myself, but unfortunately - again for security reasons - I wasn't able to catch our work on camera... So unless you're also a Fox Invited Guest or employee, you just have to take my word for it. :)

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