Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Old friends

Nothing beats spending time with old friends around the holidays and it's one of the reasons why going home in December is so special to me...
Since we're staying in LA this year, I was especially happy to hear that one of my good friends from high school had decided to skip out on the cold and snow in Sweden and spend this Christmas soaking up the California sunshine instead.

My friend Johan, his wife Johanna and their baby girl Vera all came over for dinner last night. On the menu; Sean's excellent chicken chalupas (they're actually from a Liz McD recipe, and I know she'll be glad to read that Sean cooks them to perfection:), homemade salsa and guacamole. For dessert Johan and Johanna enjoyed their first ever eggnog (spiked with brandy of course). Vera was a perfectly behaved little angel, she happily munched on clementines all night and loved playing with my old Russian doll.* Although she didn't much appreciate Moses treating her like his new best friend, and found it preferable to stay in her mama's lap; out of reach and off the floor...


*(I don't remember where I first got this old thing, but I've had it since I was little and to my amusement I just discovered that it says "made in USSR" on the bottom. How weird and wonderfully retro!) 

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