Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Ahh I love it. Such a shame it always has to end...

{Private Image}

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Let it begin...

With the tree finally brought home and decorated last night, I am almost ready for Christmas... Just a few last minute gifts to buy and wrap this afternoon. (And also, I'm ashamed to admit - some Christmas cards to post... So sorry for the delay, friends!)

Moses and the tree - a little more relaxed than last year :)
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The perfect record player, naturally.

Some late night e-browsing just lead me to this...

{"Barky Turntable" at Anthropologie.com}

Gorgeous, isn't it?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow on Rodeo Drive?

Well not exactly, but tiny bubbles of soap that were designed to look like snow did fall softly over the famous street during a retail extravaganza last Thursday. Sean and I decided to walk up to town and see what all the fuss was about... What we found was a very festive and crowded event, complete with live music and fairytale-esque horse carriages that shoppers could ride for free. Many of the designer stores offered up champagne (that I of course had to pass on), but I was quickly compensated during a stop at Tiffany's, where I sampled delicious warm cider and cookies (and subjected my husband to some not so subtle gift-hinting :). 

As I've mentioned many times before, I do have trouble getting into any real "spirit of the season" here in L.A... (I miss those northerly winds and gloomy December afternoons a little too much I guess!)
But for one night at least, even I had to admit that Christmas - as well as lots and lots of soap foam - was most definitely in the [Beverly Hills] air...

These pics turned out kind of blurry, I know... 
But hopefully you can still make out the pretty horse carriage trotting past Ralph Lauren?

 Fresh flowers right next to shiny ornaments - that's Christmas L.A. style!

A very well decorated tree...

{All images private}

Friday, December 10, 2010


For the arrival of Christmas, of course...

This years advent calendar was a little gift from my aunt Viveka. Isn't it sweet?
{Private Image}

but also for our little baby, due on Valentines Day...

{Private Image}

...and Moses for his doggy-daddy to return from a day trip to Orange County.

Yup, that's the new crib there on the left. It arrived last week in a package and I put it together all by myself while Sean cooked us dinner...:)
{Private Image}

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Slather on

I love me a bit of beauty talk and I positively devour tips and tricks from dermatologists/magazines/expert blogs. The most precious beauty info however, usually comes from other women in my life - simply because I know that their assessments are real, honest and not sponsored.
Now, since I myself am a serious product junkie, (I have tried and tested a lot of stuff in my 31years - too much most likely(!) I figured I'd continue to share some of my best finds here on the blog every now and then... Please feel free to butt in whenever - to agree or disagree - I'm wide open for discussion! Oh, and rest assured that I all my work is strictly pro bono :)

Today: Body Lotions.

If your complexion is of the sensitive kind, you know it needs special attention - especially at this time of year when the air is cold and dry. I have two longstanding go-to products that really relieves my rough, itchy winter skin, making it soft and comfortable again.

One for when I'm feeling flush...

Aside from the great results it produces,  I love the luxe texture of this lotion and the fact that it's fragrance free means it doesn't compete with my perfume (and boys can use it too :).

...And one for when I don't.

I'm guessing you've all tried this at some point? Well, if not; know that it is incredibly rich, smells faintly like chocolate and actually does improve scars and stretchmarks

Monday, December 06, 2010

New Arrival

She's here! Beautiful little Isabel - my brother Jens' daughter, my niece, was delivered safely today and I am happy to report that mother and babe are both healthy as can be.

...I knew they had gone to the hospital late last night, so suffice to say that I slept very lightly - mobile within easy reach - having sweet dreams about a big eyed baby with brown locks... Not far off as it turns out; first thing this morning I got a picture and text from Jens, saying " She's got your hair!" :)

My first thought was that Isabel looks like a Stanfield for sure, and more specifically - like our dad, Robert. This is special  for two reasons: Dad got ill a few years back and is no longer with us... But when he was, he was a pretty good looking dude. Jens of course immediately joked  "Poor girl, she's the spitting image of old Bobby!"  I said "Wonderful,  let's call her Bobbybel..."

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Handmade Cards

December 2nd already... I managed to get our advent decorations up in time for last Sunday and the apartment looks cosy enough to rouse my Christmas spirit a little (in spite of the L.A blue skies and mild temps)... Time to think of that yearly "chore" (albeit one that I enjoy) of choosing a nice Christmas card to send friend and family! Are you one of those crafty people who create your own? I'm so not - I just don't possess the patience... But that certainly doesn't mean I can't appreciate the hard work of others :)  Browsing through Etsy just now, I spotted these:

{Image via Etsy}

Christmassy yet quite chic, aren't they? Personally, I have a soft spot for anything with a ribbon, the red gem in the middle of the O is also a nice touch, and I like the cutout tree on the envelope. It's those small, thoughtful details that make handmade cards so special... Oh, perhaps I should give it a go after all... Next year. For now though, I could always just get these as they are available and made to order here.

Monday, November 29, 2010

More baby talk and Two things I ♥

In about a week, I am due to become an aunt for the first time. My brother and his girlfriend are expecting their baby girl very shortly and the only bummer about that is; I won't be there to greet her. They live in Stockholm and because of "my delicate condition", I literally have to stay grounded for the foreseeable future... I can still be excited of course, and so I am, not in the least because it means I will have a little niece to spoil, but more importantly - our baby will be lucky enough to have a cousin who's only two months older! (I confess I've been having these Hallmark-type fantasies, envisioning future summers at grandma's: The kids - three or four years old and I imagine them running across the meadow near my mum's house - all tousled curls and pretty outfits, laughing their cute toddler laughs whilst holding hands and picking wild strawberries...(!)

Well, we're not quite there yet, but day dreaming of future family gatherings made me pull up this picture from the last one...

{Private Image}

Sean was behind the camera and told Pia and me to show off our baby bumps (I clearly jumped on this directive!) As for my mum... she's just showing off.
Anyway, looking at the photo, what struck me was this: "How come my bump was almost as big as Pia's even though I'm not due until February?" And, "Oh look - there I am, wearing my vest. Again." I bought the vest (yes, the fur is fake) in Sweden the summer before last, thinking it would be useful for the 'in between season', and boy was I right. On my blog alone there are at least three pics of me wearing it at different occasions and there are many more where those came from...

{Excerpts from previous C'est LA vie posts}
Now, was I more vain (!) or indeed a celeb, I would probably be mortified at this glaring display of outfit-repeat. Instead, I have chosen to be proud of my affinity for what I like to call Smart Shopping. :)

Kindly indulge me as I muse for a while on "wardrobe workhorses" - the best clothing purchases of all in my opinion. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about; those trusty standbys in your closet that always seem to work, regardless of the weather or event? 
Aside from the fur vest, I also have a very plain black jersey dress that I bought some 11 years ago at an H&M in London. It is fitted and sleeveless, it hits the knee and if we are at all acquainted, you have probably seen me wear it. I picked it up on my way home from work one day without even trying it on, it cost me all of 10 pounds. I have worn that dress to everything from early dates with Sean, job interviews (twice, and both times I got the job:) New Years concerts and shopping trips... I even used it as my stage costume during a performance at the Soho Theatre - as well as to the after party... And lately, because it's nice and stretchy - as maternity wear. It can be dressed up or down and I must have washed it a hundred times by now, yet it hasn't lost it's shape or colour.
There are other things too, like the straw fedora I bought (before it was considered cool) at a street market on Ibiza while visiting my dad... Or the tall brown leather boots from J.Crew that I got at an unbelievable sale price because it was late in the season: Both worn so much I dread the day they fall apart... Smart Shopping.

"These are A few of my favourite things"
{Private Image}

Thus, when I hit the stores, my ultimate aim is always to find the next prefect standby. Every shopping trip - high-end or low, I keep my eyes peeled...Trouble is, these 'special' clothes are hard to come by - but then I think that may be part of their elusive allure: you probably won't know whether those beautifully cut trousers will be a favourite pair until later.Way later.

The good news? Kind of calms your conscience should you overspend: That pricey cashmere sweater just might become a very sound investment... :)


Saturday, November 20, 2010

There. I'm hooked.

...Just came back from a spot of shopping at the new(ish) Anthropologie on Beverly Blvd. The store has an expanded home section which is wonderful, and I love that they always have a huge sale going on with savings on everything from lampshades to underwear. Best of all - it's within easy walking distance from where we live :) ...So far, I've managed to resist pretty much all baby shopping (with the exception of one teeny tiny outfit while we were on holiday). But as soon as I laid eyes on this little bear by Jellycat, I knew he had to be my son's first teddy. The floodgates have officially opened... Next week: crib + bedding.

Sooo soft and cuddly - how could the baby not love him?
{Private Image}

Friday, November 19, 2010

No, this is not {just} a beer belly

I saw my doctor today for a regular checkup and she told me that from now on my uterus will grow about 1/2" (1cm) per week. Some quick math later and I realised that means another 6 inches (or 12 cm) of belly expansion!! So I rushed home to snap a photo of my current "light" state to look back at fondly in the months to come...

{Private Image}

In other news I am happy to report that our wee laddie has a good strong heartbeat, is active as can be and likes to kick his mother (quite hard!) in the gut at (almost) precisely 9 AM every day ...So as to force me out of bed at a civilised hour I presume... Well, the little rascal has yet to meet me face to face of course, but soon enough he'll learn that we Stanfields are Night People! :)

Who naps like this?

{Private Image}

Moses, that's who. Wherever there is a tiny nook or cranny, our dog likes to push his little head through it - ears stretched back - and settle in for a nice, snug snooze. It doesn't look very comfortable to me, but I love how it makes him look like a tiny fox. Problem is, when the nook happens to be provided by my feet (or Sean's in this case) I feel so guilty walking off...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm back baby

Poor neglected little blog... But I'm back now, I'm fairly sure. I knew I needed a hiatus in August, but I certainly didn't expect it to last this long. I'll try to explain: You know when you've eaten too much of something you love? (A special cheese, candy, or often in my case - green olives.) You gorge on it, perhaps daily until you can no longer go near it; the mere thought of it suddenly makes you go - Ugh, no. more. please. 

And then one day you crave it again.

...Speaking of cravings and aversions, I'm pregnant. Actually, I've got less than three months to go now so I guess at this point it's hardly news. So far, it's been wonderful, tiring, joyous, worrying, nauseating (literally), exciting, scary, uncomfortable, cosy, thrilling... I could go on but I won't. Though I will tell you that the first 15 or so weeks were very rough because I felt ill all the time and I really, really didn't want to do anything at all; blogging included.
But then at four months I started to feel a lot better, and since around the time we went back to Sweden for a fall break, things have been pretty good. I'm going to try not to bore you with too many baby details going forward, seeing as this is supposed to be "A Style Blog"...
However, being stylish with a tummy the size of a basketball, a puffy face and sore bosom (TMI, sorry)  isn't easy (to put this in perspective, I'm headed to TARGET later for my maternity fashion fix!) Also, my brain is littered with thoughts of things like crib bedding, car seats and stroller brands, so bear with me...

There we were: Me, the tummy and Sean in Sweden Oct 2010
{Private Image}

Oh, and we're all settled into our new apartment. I know I wrote excitedly about the grand fireplace (my first working one) and I'm happy to report that I've managed to make a perfect, crackling fire twice so far. (It's been so warm or I'd do it every night.) The first time it got a little too "crackling" I suppose, because the Beverly Hills Fire Department showed up within minutes! I had had the brilliant idea of burning a whole bunch of old bills and paperwork, thinking it would be an easy way to safely dispose of things they say you shouldn't put in the rubbish. As it turns out, that much paper causes that much smoke, and (apparently) here in BH people are pretty vigilant about neighbourhood safety and such; someone down the street smelled the air and promptly called 911... Yes, I was embarrassed (there were two trucks and very loud sirens!), and yes, I've learned my lesson. (And yes, the firemen were about as handsome as can be - just like on TV:)

Anyways, I'd invite you in for a little home tour but the place is still too unfinished for me to share pics I can feel good about; I quickly realised that decorating four rooms takes much longer than decorating two (!) It is what it is, a work in progress... I read a quote from some wise interior designer recently, it stated that a real home should be like a living thing that constantly evolves and that is never "done".  So I fight my perfectionist urges and take some comfort in that...

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Moving on

I feel bad. I know I said I'd be blogging more frequently, but here we are again - 10 days since my last post about gazpacho... I've been busy apartment hunting you see. (And, as anyone who's ever been doing that particular task in a major city knows - it's a daunting, time consuming endeavour.) Since our circumstances have changed slightly, Sean and I recently realised that we need to leave our lovely (but snug) 900 sq feet one bedroom place in Brentwood for something larger... As luck (or persistence) would have it, we found it in Beverly Hills last weekend. I'm very pleased; the new apartment is a much bigger 1400 sq feet, two bed, two bath with separate dining room and a working wood burning fireplace. (Been longing to cozy up in front of one of those ever since I left home some 12 years ago!) Furthermore - and to my great delight - it is housed on the entire second floor of a beautiful, pre-war, redbrick building with the original detailing intact. (Please excuse my bragging - it's the excitement spilling over. :)

We got the keys on Monday, and last night we decided to "break in" our new home with a little picnic on the floor. All our stuff is still here in Brentwood,  so we brought a blanket to sit on, sandwiches, lemonade and some candles. It was quite a special experience; there was a beautiful sunset casting a lovely peach glow over the rooms, and sitting there in the silence of the empty apartment, we both felt certain that the all important atmosphere was just right...

But I digress. Anyhow, because of the impending move, a week of house sitting for my parents-in-law (who live on the beach, so that shouldn't be too taxing), possible vacationing, our anniversary and Sean's birthday - I thought I'd give myself an August long break from C'est LA vie. (Because, you know...  blogging is just such hard work!!)

 I fully expect to be settled in by early September, when I'll be back online with updates and probably one or two interior pics from our new place (for those of you who like to see those kinds of things:).

In the meantime, I want to wish you all a wonderful rest of the summer. Hope to see you again in the fall! Xx

This August will mark 11 years since Sean and I met
and 6 years since we tied the knot... Time flies!
{Private Image}

Monday, July 26, 2010

Homemade Gazpacho

Earlier today, on our balcony...

Sean tried out this recipe yesterday for gazpacho, and the results were heavenly. It took him a little while because of all the prepping required for the veggies, but other than that, I was assured it was an easy and enjoyable process. :) A chilled soup makes for just about the best summer meal, I think. We had the gazpacho as our main course with grilled cheese sandwiches last night, but it would also make a lovely starter for... say a barbecue. The recipe calls for the soup to chill in the fridge over night, but if you make a big batch - you'll have a tasty lunch/dinner option ready to go for days...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Quote of Note - Rita Hayworth

When asked what had held up her dress in Gilda, she replied,
"Two things."

Reporter: "What do you think when you look at yourself in the mirror after waking up in the morning?" Rita Hayworth: "Darling, I don`t wake up till the afternoon."

...Ahh, Rita - a girl after my own heart. :)

So, Friday already - are you doing something fun this weekend? We're headed to the beach, and I know it will be lovely. I actually haven't gone in the ocean a single time this year, (it's been cold!) but I've got a feeling tomorrow will be the day. I just bought a new swimsuit to show off (or cover up, depending on my mood ;) nothing special really, just a plain, black DKNY Fifties style number, but it does the trick...

Wishing you a Happy Friday, Friends!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fall Fashion

...I know it's only July, and we're all busy swimming, sunning, barbecuing, vacationing, picnicking etc.  But flicking through the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar, I found myself longing (a little) for the the season of turning leaves and cooler temperatures when one can wear this type of stuff again...

Jacket: Isabel Marant. Skirt: Derek Lam. Booties: Roberto Cavalli.
Leopard print runway look: Etro.
{All images via Harper's Bazaar}

These are some of HB's picks for "quick and easy fall styling". Love the idea of combining structured military pieces with classy camel and pops of... leopard print! Now how about that?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Still here...

How lovely this world of blogging can be. As you may or may not have noticed, things have been rather quiet around here lately. I don't know... perhaps there's been a lack of inspiration...or discipline... Perhaps it's been hot hot hot in L.A and perhaps my Swedish Irish bones don't fare very well in such weather... Mostly though, it's summertime and who wants to sit in front of a laptop when the sun is shining and the beach beckons? Well, not me as it turns out. It's like my body (or mind?) is perpetually set to a fifth grader's schedule; School's - out - for - summer!!!!!

Except today. I'm staying in because I've developed some fearsome blisters on my feet (walking far distances in new heals should always and at all cost be avoided in warm weather!) And at 91 (30c) degrees outside I do worry about heat stroke... (no, I am not a 19th century damsel - I just act like one.)

With the A/C blasting and my tummy full of watermelon (so refreshing!), I dragged myself online to be amused for a while by other, more impressive/disciplined/creative bloggers... I logged in to C'est LA vie first though, just in case... and I was delighted to find two darling notes from Kerri and Shari  asking about my whereabouts. Now, this would be sweet under any circumstances, but I don't actually know Kerri or Shari. I mean, I know them in terms of their amazing talents, writing styles and aesthetics - they are fellow bloggers. But we haven't actually met. I was struck by how happy their comments made me, and I thought how wonderful it felt that they actually noticed my very impromptu absence from the blogosphere...   As is so often the case, it all comes down to the importance of being acknowledged, doesn't it?

I immediately felt spurred to pick up where I left off and say thank you to all of you who take the time to check in here regularly, whether anonymously or not. It means a lot to me, and I will do my best to honor you lovely people by posting more frequently again.

I mean, summertime schmummertime, right? Beside, one can always cool down with some nice ice cream... What's your favourite flavour? I choose pistachio, every time.

Is it hot where you are?

Monday, July 05, 2010

Making a splash

...We had such a fun and relaxed 4th of July, celebrating with a barbecue at our friends house in beautiful San Marino. It was all about playing in the pool, grilling burgers under the lemon tree, chasing Moses around the yard (he was in heaven!), red velvet cupcakes and fireworks galore... Thanks again Roland and Adri! Xx

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