Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Midweek

Wednesdays. They're kind of blah, aren't they? At the time of "Midvoch"as it is so fittingly called in German, (translation; midweek) days have past since the last weekend, its fairy dust settled and its glow waning... And annoyingly - it's much too soon to get excited about the next, as Saturday and Sunday still lie far off in the future. A day like today, therefore - it's January, it's Wednesday, it's cold (-ish if you're in L.A ) - can feel really, really dull. And that might make a girl blue...

Good thing then, that there's this foolproof recipe for a perfect Winter-Wednesday pick-me-up :) Please try at home:
  • Firstly and very importantly, make sure there's chocolate in the house
  • Turn off any harsh overhead lighting, your mobile phone, your computer and any other unpleasant distractions. (Except your television - because you'll need that in a minute)
  • Light some candles (to set the right kind of mood)
  • Pour yourself a stiff drink in a nice goblet (the prettier the better and bonus points if it's crystal)
  • Place your chocolate within easy reach, then sink in to your favourite cozy armchair 
  • Put your feet up (or down, whatever you prefer)
  • Take a deep breath and let the day's troubles melt away (the aforementioned drink will also help with this) 
  • Now pick a classic film of your choice to utterly lose yourself in. (Ideally one that predates you, as an older film gives the whole endeavour added panache)
  • Slowly devour a piece of your chocolate (try to keep moderation in mind here though, avoiding any pesky feelings of remorse later) 
  • Take a leisurely sip of your drink.
  •  Relax and enjoy the feeling of Ahhhhh.
As you may have guessed, this is pretty much an exact account of how I've just spent my evening :) It was very close to perfect, and right now, I feel fine... My chocolate was Godiva, my drink was whiskey on the rocks, my candles were scented and my choice of film was The Way We Were. 

I mean really, has there ever been a better love story put on tape? And as for two hours spent in the  company of a young, ridiculously attractive Robert Redford? Yes Please.  The whole concept of his golden boy 'Hubbell' falling for Barbara Streisand's curly haired politico 'Katie' - they can't be together and they can't be apart... Soo romantic! Oh and at the very end when they haven't seen each other in years and Barbara, upon meeting Robert's new wife, graciously says: "Your girl is lovely, Hubbell." And then touches his hair.
Oh man... Gets me every time.

Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford the way they were back in -73.

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Anonymous said...

Vilken perfekt ide för en iskall, blåsig,trist mörk svensk januarikväll,,skulle gärna hinna baka dina smarriga muffins först o lägga till en latte o kvällen blir underbar! kram

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