Friday, January 29, 2010

Pretty and Witty and... Pink

~ Image via House Beautiful ~

Who doesn't love a mug full of roses? So simple, yet so gorgeous.

~ Image via ~

And how adorable is this up-town-ish purse from Mulberry?

~ Image via ~

... Less "adorable" perhaps; the boudoir trend seems to be everywhere this season. Granted, this look from Jean Paul Gaultier  is pretty awesome - but in polite company I'd throw on a cardie...

~ Image via House Beautiful ~
And speaking of boudoirs, doesn't this room designed by Barry Dixon hit all the right romantic notes?

 Check out House Beautiful, and Elle for more details on all of the above.


Liz said...

Pink is perfection.

Mary Louise Browning said...

Love love love this! Puts me in the mood for Valentine... ;-)

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