Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Conversation about Conservation

Whenever I get long stemmed roses - like these ones that my darling husband gave me for Valentine's day - I like to keep it simple; I don't arrange them or add fillers, but let them fall the way they may in the vase, gracefully like only roses do.  Then, after a week or so when they start wilting and bowing their heads, instead of tossing them, I chop the stems, leaving about 5 inches. I then tie the flowers together tightly with a rubber band (that way they sort of 'prop' each other up) and put them in a small decanter, cup or milk glass. I always place my long stemmed roses centre stage on the dining table, but when short, I think they look really pretty on a side table or on the nightstand...

~ This post officially marks the arrival of two thrilling new C'est LA vie categories:
Martha Stewart Moment and Chez emelie. I do hope you're as excited as I am! ~

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Anonymous said...

the pixs of your home - the pillow covers and roses - could for found in Dwell or some other such publication... your eye for style comes through! Impressive! Peggy

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