Friday, February 05, 2010

Gisele I ain't

My aunt, the talented designer and seamstress Viveka W, is about to update her web-site and asked me if I would have some pictures taken wearing a tunic she made for me recently.* I was very flattered of course and excitedly set off last weekend to try my hand at "modelling"... Much harder than it looks, that.
As I awkwardly posed this way and that way, I felt a sudden surge of new found respect for the contestants in Americas Next Top Model. (No more ridiculing those girls on a weekly basis for their seeming lack of healthy brain activity.)

Amateur that I am, I forgot to iron the tunic beforehand, wore way too little make-up and had no idea how to best capture the light and "smise". (For those of you who have better things to do than watching reruns of bad reality tv, "smising" is a phrase coined by the mighty Tyra Banks, meaning "to smile with ones eyes". But no matter, the focal point was supposed to be the tunic, and it really is such an exquisite piece of clothing that it would look beautiful under any circumstances. The idea behind Viveka's very original business is to collect antique and/or handmade lace, fabrics, ribbons, even table cloths. She then recycles her finds by incorporating parts of them into her designs. - A lovely concept, isn't it?

~ Some of the detailing that make Viveka W designs so special. ~

~ I love that my initials were embroidered onto the collar. ~
*Viveka works mainly with natural fabrics such as high quality linen and every item is unique.


Jenny Murray said...

SO pretty!

Jessica said...

Your auntie is very talented.

Åsa said...

I tried to smise in my new passport pic, the lady at the police station in Lund was not impressed...

Emelie Stanfield said...

She obviously didn't understand the first thing about taking a great picture!!

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