Thursday, February 11, 2010

In memoriam

Dark and beautiful by McQueen.

No one studying design in the last decade could possibly have avoided being influenced in some way by Alexander McQueen. When I went to fashion school in London he was the designer du jour. Our teachers forever referenced him and most students admired and aspired to his skill and avant garde approach. I often found his moody designs a little unsettling and he was never one of my favourites, but then again haute couture is supposed to bring out mixed emotions; to stir and inspire. Never one to play it safe, McQueen always presented shows doing just that - every year, every season.

Today is a sad day for fashion.


Josie said...

R.I.P Mr. McQueen :(

Anonymous said...

Such tragic news! Mcqueen was a brilliant designer and will be sorely missed.

Mary Louise Browning

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