Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What comes around goes around

I remember sporting variations of these types of shoes as a kid. Worn with such things as leg warmers, stone washed jeans and scrunchies, they served as yet another (marvellous) eighties wardrobe-staple. Back then they were made out of cotton as opposed to supple leather (there was also a ghastly rubber variety for the beach, remember those?), they certainly didn't have stiletto heals attached to them and they were commonly referred to as "net shoes".
And I loved them.
It was thus with great delight that I noticed the cool new hybrids in the Barneys ad to the left; Now - some twenty years since I wore them last - I feel quite ready to take "net shoes" to my fashion heart once more...

(I am especially drawn to the unabashed preppyness of the Jil Sander oxford; suspecting it might look very chic on a tanned (and pedicured) foot, worn with loose fitting chinos and a T.)

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