Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Everyday Matters

Nothing says early spring like tulips on the kitchen table; This little arrangement brightened what was otherwise a fairly average Monday over here...

A quick note on the Oscars; Wasn't it great that Sandra Bullock won (even though it was expected)!? I just loved her dress, side swept hair and red lipstick - all so retro yet classy, and I also thought her short and sweet (and blubber free) acceptance speak was great. Jeff Bridges is obviously beyond cool. And I liked that the Hurt Locker won for best picture and not Avatar. (I say it again; blue people! With tails?? Eh.)

So, all and all a good show, I thought. :)

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Linda said...

Emelie, I found your blog a few days ago and love it. What we've seen of your home so far looks precious. Looking forward to more in future posts!

Hugs Linda

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