Monday, March 01, 2010

Pillow Talk

Favourite cushion-cover-hunting-grounds:
Partly because sombre interiors suit my taste, and partly because Sean and I are somewhat nomadic - our furniture follows a fairly strict theme of white, grey and wood. (I figure that way, they are also always likely to work in whatever home we end up inhabiting next.) As a result, I tend to rely on textiles to add colour and texture to our decor, finding the versatility of throw cushions especially useful for this purpose. I mean, changing one's cushion covers has to be the fastest, cheapest and therefore funnest way to update a room.
(I might also swap a few other objects around the space - a vase here, bowl there - just to make sure it's all a match.) Still, easy peasy. And such a great quick fix for those moments when you just know you need a change, but can't afford/be bothered/convince your man to do a major overhaul.

My love affair with pillows has been going on for some time, and I am at a point now where I have several sets of covers in varying colour schemes that I rotate depending on the season and my mood. Lately though, I keep coming back to this particular combination of  pale blue and green - I guess it's because I feel it is so soothing and easy on the eye... And come to think of it, these are also colours that to my mind are very evocative of Los Angeles:  Imagining rows of palm trees set against a backdrop of endless blue skies and a vast, glittering ocean ...

Ah, it all makes sense now.


Callgirl said...

Oh, beautiful colors!


drollgirl said...

um, you are SMART LIKE ME!!!! i have so many decorative pillows!!! i can change the look of my place real fast, and rather inexpensively! i find changing out the curtains + pillows makes it look like a whole new place! so you are brilliant, just like me! WHEEE!!!! :)

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