Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Cleaning...

Are you dreading it? I hear you. Well, here is some good motivational advice from my favourite domestic goddess, the lifestyle columnist and author Rita Konig 

- Play good music for dusting, vacuuming, or laundry. Listen to any talk radio station for the ironing.

- Plan a lunch date at the end of it; you don't really need to do more than a few hours and a deadline really gets you going.

- Make sure you have coffee and a cookie. This is a treat in itself and one you can only really have when you are at home in the daytime. So break from the cleaning for a cappuccino and a biscuit or two.

- Hide some treats in the laundry closet, something you will forget about until you are doing the wash. It is good to reward yourself for such boring tasks.

- Run yourself a spoilingly hot and heavily scented bath at the end of your hours of cleaning. It serves a double purpose: it gives you a well-deserved soak and it will eradicate the horrid smells of those cleaning products from your bathroom.

- Scented candles are definitely a good thing to light at the end of a cleaning session so you can sit back and enjoy your clean and delicious smelling home.

- Remember to buy the papers or the new issues of your favorite magazines so you can look forward to an afternoon lazing around the house going through them.


Rita Konig has written three wonderfully witty books on home making and entertaining. I own the red one (in the middle, above) and find myself going back to it often for helpful hints and tips.

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