Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Style File: Sheer & Stripped

~The Crown Inn, London and the recently opened  Rough luxe hotel, London.
Images via Skona Hem ~

Layers of peeling wallpaper - juxtaposed with high quality materials - tap into the new trend of pared down luxury.

~Via Style.com ~

And the clothing equivalent? (Minus the tears) Sheer organza overlays in muted tones at Stella McCartney.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I "get" the strips of wallpaper... it's a little like the jeans you pay a fortune for with the tears and holes! Ah well, I must be showing my age! :) Peggy

Masy said...

First time here, thought I'd leave a comment. :)
Have a good day!

Mary-Louise Browning said...

I want that copper tub!!!!


drollgirl said...

i like the decor better than the clothing! SORRY, STELLA! the decor is just cool. the dresses are too, especially the one on the right!

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