Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Beauty on a Tuesday: Enhus Organic

To kick off a new weekly feature called Beauty on a Tuesday here on C'est LA vie, I am delighted to share a little chat that I had recently with the accomplished skin care specialist Johanna Enhus. 

But first, A short back story...

I have known Johanna for a long time, she and I went to high school together where we quickly bonded due to our shared interest in fashion and beauty. Ever since,  Johanna has stayed on an enviably focused career path and is seeing the results of her dedication. She trained in Copenhagen, then spent some time honing her skills at two established salons before opening her own beauty haven "Tokyo". With its sleek, stylish interiors, central location and high-end services ranging from facials to waxing to makeup classes, Tokyo was an instant local hit. A few years in however, Johanna realised she wanted more. She sold the salon, enjoyed a brief time of well deserved "downtime" whilst writing a book about skin care and makeup. 

In 2009 Johanna launched her own product line Enhus Organic - A luxury range of naturally derived skin care "consisting of carefully selected vegetable oils and extracts, based on spa tradition, aromatherapy and advanced science to create well being and balance".

~ Johanna Enhus with her dog Smilla ~

So Johanna, what inspired you to start your skin care company?

I love new challenges. I like creative design. I have a deep interest in dermatology and product content, so to create my own line of beauty products felt totally right.

Why organic?

Because organically produced products are good for the skin and our environment.

Now that you run a "green" business, does this effect your lifestyle choices in terms of what you eat and what products you use in your home etc.?

I prefer buying green whenever possible, but sure, occasionally I purchase non-organic products. Regarding food; organic produce is not only healthier, it also tastes a whole lot better.

Are there any drawbacks to being this environmentally sound?

One thing does come to mind, and that is pricing. Unfortunately organic products are more expensive to develop which means that as a "green" business, it can be difficult to compete with cheaper, non-organic skin care on the market.

And of course I have to ask... What's your best beauty advice?

Regular exfoliation and keeping a diet rich in essential fatty acids. That works (skin) wonders!

I  have that common problem of "combination skin". How should I care for it?

Well, combination skin can look different depending on the person, but it usually involves dry cheeks and an oily t-zone. It is important to avoid harsh, drying products as these can stress the skin and cause blemishes. The best thing to do is to always use mild skin care. I also recommend applying a clay based face mask on the t-zone once a week. And drinking plenty of water throughout the day is a good way to achieve a clearer and more balanced complexion.

Do I need to rotate my skincare products for optimum results...?

No, that is not necessary. But it can be a good idea to change from a heavier face cream in winter to a lighter lotion in summer.

So, apart from your own, what skin and hair care brands do you use?

For my hair, I like John Masters products. Weleda shower gels and massage oils are great, and Burt's Bees is a favorite brand of mine.

Some ads will have you believe that certain lotions and potions can cure lines and wrinkles. Now that I'm 30 this is suddenly a matter of interest to me...

Unfortunately it is impossible to cure actual wrinkles with a cream. But what we can achieve with quality skin care is the prevention of [for example] fine lines caused by dryness. There are also certain products that work as temporary "fillers", but they don't remove the wrinkles for good, nor are they particularly healthy to use.

When will Enhus Organic products be available in the U.S?*

An L.A. launch is in the works, but it will be a little while longer...

I really, really loved the testers you gave me from you line... I'm curious, is there one product that has been especially successful so far?

Yes, Purifying Lotion has become a best seller. It has received great reviews and is a user favorite.

*Available now at enhusorganics.se

~ "Natural Skin care that inspire organic awareness" ~

The lowdown: Never mind that Johanna is my friend, I am really ridiculously picky when it comes to beauty products: I have sensitive skin, I want quick results and I like nice scents and pretty packaging. So far, I have tried the Skin Perfection Cream, the (wonderful) Rose Water toner, the Gentle Lavender Cleanser as well as the excellent Jojoba Face Scrub and I am happy to report that they all passed my personal bar with flying colours. These products feel clean and fresh, are gentle yet effective and smell heavenly... Perfect.

Enhus Organic skin care contain no mineral oils or perfume and is not tested on animals.


Mayo said...

Excellent to hear of high-quality skin care!

What you use on your skin can either help it or harm it, depending on what's in the product.

Therefore, it's important to consider the ingredients in ALL the products you use - like those on your hair as well as your skin. Research is showing a buildup of chemicals on the skin can cause acne, dryness (which leads to prematurely aging skin) and skin cancer.

Skin with rosacea tends to be even more sensitive to these toxins.

With so many manufacturers using chemicals in their products, almost any product - cleansers, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, hair gels and sunscreens - can be causing breakouts on your face and body.

Here's a page that shows what to look for in organic products as well as ingredients to avoid in skin and hair care products. http://www.best-mens-skin-care.com/organic-skin-care.html

To find chemical-free products, read labels and research ingredients - or start with certified organic products whose ingredients don't contain harmful chemicals.

If you make your own skin care products, use organic ingredients. They cost a little more however keep chemicals off your skin and out of your system.


Mary-Louise Browning said...

Good job producing environmentally sound skincare!!


Jenny Murray said...

Sounds great! Nice packaging ;0)

Anna Stanfield said...

Hej Mimi, älskar bloggen! Bra intervju, vill köpa...

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