Friday, April 30, 2010

Quote(s) of Note

"A lot of people worry about the "wear and tear" on furnishings. I feel its more a matter of people treating the things that surround them with respect."

"You want rooms to be usable and friendly."

"Forget the floor plans. Arrange the furniture where it is the most comfortable and will look best."
...Not one but three quotes for you today and they all come from Albert Hadley. The American king of Interior Design has doled out so much excellent decorating advice, I felt obliged to share several examples... :) And how can you not love his rooms? Classic, elegant and cosy, sure. But most importantly I think, timeless.
Happy Friday!


Diana Mieczan said...

Yes...timeless and beautiful!
I love the quotes...I do too believe that your home should be comfortable...Such a great post!!!!
Kisses,my friend and have a wonderful weekend!

The Zhush said...

Hadley was the King indeed! If only my young children would respect my furniture! :)

Tamara Nicole said...

Lovely quotes, yes it's pretty much do what you want with decor, there are no rules right? :-)

Have a great weekend, love your blog!

drollgirl said...

super advice, and gorgeous rooms!!!

i used to work for some GIGANTIC ASSHOLE FAMOUS ARCHITECTS. i could go on and on, but i won't. one thing that drove me nuts was how IMPRACTICAL they were. many times it seemed like all they cared about were looks. but form follows function. both are ideal, and neither should be left out!

Tanja Arvidsson Ortner said...

Åh, så fina rum, särskilt det nästsista! Önskar jag hade mer tid och var duktigare på det där med inredning. Senaste införskaffade möbeln är en superskön (fast kanske inte så snygg...)bäddsoffa, som bara väntar på att någon gäst ska sova i den... ;) Tänkte att grått skulle vara snyggt i gästrummet, men på plats blev det kanske inte så bra... Tänkte att jag kunde piffa upp den med lite kuddar och någon filt. Du får gärna hjälpa mig, när du kommer hem!!! Ha en fortsatt trevlig helg! Kram Tanja

Tanja Arvidsson Ortner said...

Blev förresten följare nu på din blogg, men det syns inte...?

Anonymous said...

Helloj Schwester
Tänk så kul när jag lärt mig och blivit skarp - Då ska du få göra all inredning i alla husen jag ritar:)
Du är så duktig!
kram fra brordin

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I appreciated you sharing this thought.

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