Thursday, April 22, 2010

Style File: Easy Elegance

I love a room like this - pure, simple and not overdone, yet filled with indications that sophisticated living is going on. As is so often the case, it's all in the details; notice that the walls are not white but a very, very light pink. And that fluffy throw casually left on the chair lends a crucial touch of cozy.  I think it must be the wonderful white light from the window combined with all those pale pastels that give this space its almost ethereal quality... Dreamy.


Mary-Louise Browning said...

So beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.


shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, hi Emelie! LOVE that room, the dresser is gorgeous. This is exactly my kind of style, love the white, the chandeliers, the settee, everything! I love your blog design, very spare and elegant, it's stunning. I'll be following. Have a wonderful day!

paula said...

that looks similar to my dresser, I love.

Marianne said...

VERY pretty. Love it!

Simoney said...

Hey Emelie: I heard your cry for follower help on SITS - and here I am :)
Lovely blog... nice style. Nice to have met you xx

Luv Simone

kate said...

i know the empty follow feeling - but you should know i am following because you've got a gorgeous little piece of the www, not because of empathy

ZAIRA said...

Emelie,thank you so much for your lovely comment!!!! I really cared.

I wish you a happy weekend, Zaira

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