Monday, April 12, 2010

Two things to ♥

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes that look too good to be true. (Thankfully, the recipe can be found right here:) And  Pretty, witty, stylish prints by mid-century illustrator Lora Lamm.

 In my third year of college, I  had to start every week with an early morning class on 16th century literature; a thought that was anything but encouraging. I must have looked pretty glum boarding my bus on occasion, because there was one driver who would inevitably greet me with a cheery "Chin up doll, only four more 'til the weekend!" It has remained my Monday motto ever since.


Persis said...

haha great motto it is...i think i'll borrow it to tackle my Monday morning blues too =)


paula said...

I am thinking i need that cupcake.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful bus drive! Funny how little things can make such a difference... wonder if he ever knew his impact?
I like this motto! peggy

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