Thursday, April 01, 2010

Uncle Winston

Delivered by the Easter Bunny?

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Just in time for Easter, our dog Moses got himself a tiny uncle yesterday. Winston the Schnauzer was rescued by my parents in law early Wednesday morning after he had been abandoned in the lobby of their building. (As of yet, no posters or police reports of a missing pup have been seen in the neighbourhood.) Our current theory is that the newspaper guy must have found "Winston" in the streets and then put him inside the building whilst delivering the papers. During a vet exam today, it was established that the three month old puppy was in good health but that he hadn't been micro-chipped. Sadly, people leaving unwanted dogs in the streets, parks, even dumpsters is something that happens all the time in L.A. And as a result, local pounds are filled to the brim with these "lost dogs" just waiting for somebody to adopt them...

But some stories do end happily; through a highly unusual chain of events, it looks like little Winston just might have found his loving home yesterday. :)


FEDERICA said...

Thanks for stopping by darling!
I wish you a wonderful Easter weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hello systeryster
Hittade just dig på imdb. Bilden där du står på ett gathörn, inne i stan, och blickar ut i intet som sig bör...
...var otroligt fin!
Har just köpt en skrivare - så om jag får igång den ska jag skriva ut en idolbild på min kära syster:)

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