Friday, May 28, 2010

Quote of Note

"This bikini made me a success" Ursula Andress

... I seriously doubt that a bathing suit of any kind will ever enable me, or most people for that matter, to say the same (!)  (Which of course is what makes Ms Andress so awesome. :)
Finding a nice fitting and flattering bikini is hard, I'm sure many of you would agree... But this year - at least in my opinion - J. Crew makes this arduous task that little bit easier: Below are just a few of my faves from their truly excellent selection.

 Wearing one of these might not make me an actual "success"
 - but I sure would be less loath loosing the sarong...

Happy Friday, friends! Xx

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Style File: Clogs

My "garden clogs" with hand painted flowers. All (well, most) Swedish girls own a pair.

I had in all honesty written off the current clog trend (even though it was championed by Chanel). Thinking that clogs were clunky, ugly and rather pedestrian; one of those silly fads that would recede as quickly as it rose. "I will certainly not fall victim to this," I scoffed. Furthermore,  I felt that they {clogs} were retro in an uncool sort of way; like scrunchies or fleece - the kind of object that belonged firmly to my fashion past. (I grew up in Sweden, where - at least during the early eighties - clogs were de rigueur.)
The exception? The classic handmade ones that I keep solely for garden use.

But then, I saw this on  A Cup of Jo...

And I changed my mind.

...Now, I'm thinking that I could totally use a pair of cool, cute clogs this summer! Funny, that. So I headed out on the web for a spot of clog-browsing: Among my many many finds, the four styles below eventually emerged as the most serious contenders and worthy of my new found Clog Love. ♥

From top left: KORS Michael Kors at Nordstrom, Ugg at Nordstrom,
Derek Lam at Barneys, J.Crew at  J.Crew

I'm particularly into the Derek Lam ones (definitely the least "cloggy" of the bunch) ...What's more - they're navy and not black.  Love that.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Two things to ♥

I'm really feeling this cute little drawstring pouch  from Mango - thinking it would complement many a summery outfit - be it a mini skirt or maxi dress... And you simply can't go wrong with a plaid linen shirt, can you? I like the airy look and colours of this one from Banana Republic {paired with tanned legs and white denim cut-offs, perhaps...}

Hope your week got of to a splendid start and that the sun is shining wherever you are! Xx

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Wishes...

A bouquet of roses from someone you love...An overnight guest? Delectable truffles - pink like your dress...

Have a beautiful Sunday! Xx

{Images via Jeanne d'Arc Living, William Waldron, We heart it}

Friday, May 21, 2010

Quote...or rather, an actual Note

Happy Friday, friends! Xx

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beauty on a Tuesday ~ Special Spa Experience

The by now world famous Cowshed Spa currently has eight locations; three of which are in London, one at the St Moritz hotel in Cornwall, one in New York, and another two are located in the Virgin Atlantic Lounges at Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. The first and original outpost, however, was housed in an actual (former) cowshed at Babington House, Somerset. Launching in 1998, the brand was among the first specialising in the usage of plants as key ingredients for their products, which were offered exclusively to guests staying at the hotel... Such a charming back story combined with great, green products, and the concept was bound not to go unnoticed. I remember Cowshed Spa at Babington House becoming the weekend destination while I lived in London - I kept hearing about it, and I kept meaning to go...

Regretfully, I never got around to visit, and now that I am in L.A. it seems a little far... But I did try some of the Cowshed skincare, and though it's been a while, I remember really liking these luscious products with delicious scents and lovely names. {Actually, if you haven't already tried them, may I recommend the Cow Pat Moisturizing Hand Cream, the Grumpy Cow Uplifting Body Wash, as well as the Spearmint Exfoliating Body Scrub? All available for purchase via the Cowshed online shop}

Last year, Babington House Hotel and Spa made the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler (UK) Gold List, "Best for Ambiance/Design". 

Let's take a little tour...

Wouldn't it be lovely to go "motoring" down this country lane?

Especially if this house was your destination...

Pictures from a guest bedroom, the pool and Cowshed Spa.

The Play Room is the grandest suite of all at Babington House...

And how about a dinner for two at the Orangery?

One of the four gorgeous Attic Rooms.
Cowshed products (over the bath) come complementary, of course.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Two things to ♥ {Home Edition}

...The decorating style of Jeanne d'Arc Living. (My mum recently told me about this amazing magazine, and I can see why she loves it: The featured interiors/exteriors are so incredibly similar to those that she creates, that if I didn't know better, I'd say these pictures were taken at her house...)

...And this video that my husband just sent me. 

...Both {magazine and song} leave me feeling happy and content as I am pleasantly reminded of my personal concept(s) of Home.

I hope you had a lovely weekend and that you feel refreshed and ready for a new week. Xx

Friday, May 14, 2010

Quote of Note

To my mind, these two looks from the Chanel Cruise Collection is summer dressing perfected; soft, feminine, stylish, and - what with the bare feet - tres comfortable! (At least if you make sure to walk only on either warm sand or cool grass :) The show was held at a cafe in Saint Tropez, and the models reportedly arrived by boat, motorcycles or foot... If you would like to see more pics and details from this {chic} fashion event, know that they can be found at Harpers

...Finally, to round off yet another work week, how about some insightful words from the maestro himself?

"Personality begins where comparison ends." Karl Lagerfeld

Happy Friday, friends! Xx

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Style file: Candy Coloured Kitchen

...Remember a few weeks ago when I did a little post on pale pink and green as a Clever Colour Combo? At the time I wasn't able to find an example of those colours actually used in a room... But then I came across this delightful kitchen in House Beautiful. Isn't it just lovely!  I imagine a pretty, happy, domestic goddess type entertaining her girlfriends whilst whipping up delicious fair like quiche and cupcakes in there... Can you see her?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


"On a Wednesday" this week, sorry.

As the weather warms up and flip flops seem the most appropriate (no, comfortable) footwear choice again, the poor state of my feet can no longer be ignored. Thoughts inevitably turn to pedicures, and in terms of nail polish, I'm feeling Pillar Box Red.  Isn't it amazing how this colour totally dresses up whatever you happen to be wearing?! Like, right now, I'm in an old pair of {baggy} jeans and my husbands blue and white plaid shirt, my hair in a messy ponytail... And yet, because of my bright red nails I actually feel sort of  pretty. :) ...Another good reason to choose red, is that it goes with absolutely everything, and looks good whether you are gorgeously bronzed, or pale and interesting... It's classic.

Foot Note :)

Although I do get professional pedicures sometimes, I usually prefer to paint my own toe nails. {Perhaps you are also someone who likes to do this on the floor, in the evening, in front of the TV?} "Doing it yourself" has its definite ups: Privacy, speed, cost, no pain/tickling, and downs: Less luxe, shorter lasting results, potential mess. I have yet to spill varnish on our living room rug, but I was pleased to come across this handy tip for when/if there is a mishap:

Dilute a little nail polish remover with water, pour directly onto the stain, then scrub the spill off with a pumice stone.

Now, I can't attest to this actually working, but it does seem quite logical, doesn't it?

Pretty pink, coral and red nail colour from Essie, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.
{Images via We Heart it and Harper's Bazaar}

Monday, May 10, 2010

Red Hot Mama

Mother's Day - such a great invention...because what girl doesn't adore being the cause for special celebration? The more occasions involving flowers, pressies, cards and cake, the better,  right? I also think it gives any mother a brilliant excuse to put her feet up and do nothing on that one day. (This was in fact the only thing my mum would ever ask my brother and me for... )
Alas, Sean and I don't have kids yet, so yesterday wasn't about me.... Instead we had a perfectly lovely time celebrating my mother-in-law... Haha - no, truly it was a very, very nice evening and she happens to be a wonderful woman who deserves all the accolades she can get.  (Besides, no need to feel sorry for me, I expect my time will come... I was also thinking that, since I am part British, part Swedish but live in the US, I could potentially qualify to be celebrated on three different Mother's Days once I have kids! Not bad in terms of future prospects, eh? Not bad at all. :)

I love the portrait (and bathroom, above) of Jenna Lyons Mazeau (fashion visionary at J.Crew) by William Waldron. Glamorous and pretty isn't it?  Just how I envision parenthood... Speaking of, are you watching that show? {Parenthood on NBC} I think it might be my new favourite - the acting is dead on.

Anyways, I wanted to wish all of you American mamas a belated Happy Mother's Day! Hope it was lovely in every way. Xx

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Weekend {wedding} Wishes...

Such special shoes for a walk up church lane...A diamond forever... Goodies and cake and lots of champagne... A new husband and wife on their way towards life...

{Thinking of our good friend Chris who is getting married to Melanie in Westenhanger Castle, Kent, England today. Wish we were there.}

Have a Beautiful Sunday! x

{All images via We heart it}

Friday, May 07, 2010

Quote of Note

...As I was chatting with my aunt on the phone this morning, the conversation turned to pets, (she owns two cats) and specifically the challenge of  maintaining a chic, clean living space when you have to factor in dogs/cats. But also how, in spite of this, neither of us can bring ourselves to keep our little darlings off the furniture... (Since getting Moses last spring, I have become a big fan of lint rollers, washable upholstery and great smelling spot cleaners!)  Later, whilst browsing the www, I came across a delightful collection of images on  entitled " Dog Decor" showing  pooches posing prettily, rather adding to the splendor of their surroundings: It made me very happy - not only to ogle the beautiful rooms and pups - but also because I felt soo much better about my own sloppy standards and lack of disciplinary measures... At least Moses isn't aloud on the bed. Yet.

 Here are a few of my faves...

Um, now this is what I would call a Dressing Room!

I really like the relaxed, inviting style of this Hollywood Hills home...And look how that lab totally ups the cosy factor!

Don't you just love that velvet doggy bed/chaise!? (Or should I say throne?!) Pampered pooch, indeed.

And as always, a few wise words for the weekend...

"In order to keep a true perspective of one's importance,
everyone should have a dog that will worship him
and a cat that will ignore him." Dereke Bruce

Happy Friday, friends! x

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Beauty on a Tuesday: Colours and Candles

Scented candles in lovely colours

...In (sort of) beauty related news:

 Jo Malone, that wonderful brand famous for its sophisticated and delicious colognes (Care for a bottle of  Dark Amber and Ginger Lily? Or perhaps Wild Fig and Cassis would be more to your taste?) has joined creative forces with expert paint supplier Farrow & Ball. The result of their collaboration is a range of scented candles in five lovely colours to match almost any decor. With choices ranging from Lime Basil and Mandarin in Breakfast Room Green to Blue Agava and Cacao in Oval Room Blue,  this limited edition collection could prove very hard to resist...

 Pretty bottles of Jo Malone cologne

A kitchen painted in colours from Farrow & Ball

{Images via Jo Malone and Farrow & Ball}
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