Friday, May 14, 2010

Quote of Note

To my mind, these two looks from the Chanel Cruise Collection is summer dressing perfected; soft, feminine, stylish, and - what with the bare feet - tres comfortable! (At least if you make sure to walk only on either warm sand or cool grass :) The show was held at a cafe in Saint Tropez, and the models reportedly arrived by boat, motorcycles or foot... If you would like to see more pics and details from this {chic} fashion event, know that they can be found at Harpers

...Finally, to round off yet another work week, how about some insightful words from the maestro himself?

"Personality begins where comparison ends." Karl Lagerfeld

Happy Friday, friends! Xx


Marianne said...

I agree, these looks are stunning. (If only my budget would allow me to shop @ Chanel) LOL!!!

Diana Mieczan said...

So beautiful. I really adore the second look...So relaxed and cute!
Kisses and have a sunny weekend my friend :)

drollgirl said...

these looks are fab, particularly the first. i am sure i cannot afford them (ever!), but the looks will be easy enough to mimic. now if only i looked like the models! ha!

The Zhush said...

ahhh, Chanel! Nothing not to love here! Quote and all!

Casa Bella said...

Fabulous look.'s Chanel! Like you said, feminine and comfy. What else can us girls ask for?
Take care, darling Emelie.

Ces't La Vie said...

that first dress is TO. DIE. FOR.

love these :)

ps thanks for the 3 column advice!!


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