Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Midsummer!

 Midsummer's eve today... This is a big holiday in Sweden, when people celebrate the longest day of the year by making wreaths of wildflowers, dancing around a huge pole (see pic) and eating fresh (or pickled) seafood, new potatoes and strawberries with cream. Traditionally, it was a pagan ritual, honoring the renewal of earth and summer. That giant pole? Look closer, it's a symbol of fertilization...(!)  Nowadays, Midsummer's eve is a fun, festive excuse to party; often involving a bunch of friends coming together in someone's weekend house, lots of food and lots of drink, and staying up late to enjoy the fact that  it doesn't ever really go dark... It also marks the official beginning of summer for most people; temperatures rising, vacations approaching -  a happy occasion all around. :) 

...And because Midsummer is on my mind today, I thought we could do another Swedish house tour... This deliciously stylish apartment is in central Malmö, the city where I was born. I love the decor here; quirky but tasteful and modern, yet not overly sparse (which seems to be a current trend in many Scandinavian homes...) The building was raised 1914, and this well preserved, five-room attic apartment was added in 1952.

Nice mixture of old and new, don't you agree?

Even the shoes matches the fun colour scheme!

Look at those deep, marble lined windows...

Overlooking the "King's Park".

And of course, it's Friday so we need a quote... How about this little nugget from A Midsummer Night's Dream? :) 

"The course of true love never did run smooth". William Shakespeare.

Have a lovely Friday, Friends! Xx

Friday, June 18, 2010

Quote of Note {Ms. Garbo on Hollywood}

"If only those who dream about Hollywood knew how difficult it all is." Greta Garbo

"I don't want to be a silly temptress. I cannot see any sense in getting dressed up and doing nothing but tempting men in pictures."  Greta Garbo

...Take that Megan Fox et al. :)  I'm in love with the simple styling in this portrait; the hair, the eye makeup, that ring! Greta was so fantastic, wasn't she? So un-Hollywood. Another thing that struck me as I read these quotes was how some things just never change...

Happy Friday everyone, hope you all have something really lovely planned for the weekend... Xx

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Inspired by...Vintage Travel

The beauty is all in the detail...

Blue interior of a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia... I mean just look at that wicker storage shelf!
{Image via Flickr.}

...Simply can't go wrong with a Vespa: If I lived anywhere but L.A. (where traffic and road rage is crazy), I believe this would be my preferred mode of transportation.
{Image via Flickr.}

Wondering what baby would pass on a stroll in this plush ride... A stunningly beautiful pram, I'm certain you agree. Made by Silver Cross and available at Harrods.

...And a miniature version for dolls from Silver Cross America.

I couldn't make this pic any larger for some reason, but I hope you can still make out the gorgeous features of this vintage Buenos Aires subway train.
{Image via Flickr.}

So Ladies, Thursday already! This week has just flown by for me, and I for one can't wait for another leisurely June weekend to begin... Love how summer is still all new and fresh - not too hot and dusty yet... Just perfect. Xx

Monday, June 14, 2010


Happy Monday ladies, hope your weekend was lovely? Mine, I have to say, was pretty close to perfect. I turned 31 on Saturday and to celebrate this momentous occasion, Sean whisked me away (love that expression) to the romantic mountain town of Ojai. It was wonderful, he had planned everything, including doggy care, so we didn't have to worry about Moses. Starting the day with a nice breakfast in bed, we then drove the short hour and a half it takes to get to Lake Casitas. The lake is surrounded by the Santa Barbara Mountains and the grounds are truly spectacular. We had a lovely picnic taking in the view, sun and the cutest baby bunnies that were grazing (is that what they do?) all around us.

A little later we continued up the road to Ojai. On this particular weekend, the town was hosting a music festival, so it was buzzing with people and the atmosphere was great. We strolled down the main street and checked out the boutiques and art galleries. Oh and I bought some Kiehl's French RoseWater at the pharmacy to refresh, if you haven't tried this product yet, please do - it is so gentle and lovely and smells gorgeous. And we had some homemade butter pecan ice cream in the town park - this place is just so idyllic!

When it was time for dinner we drove back up into the hills and ended up at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa.

The setting of the resort is beyond romantic, and the terrace restaurant really reminded me of this beautiful place in Ravello, Italy where we ate once whilst on our honeymoon...

We didn't stay the night, but before reluctantly leaving, we solemnly vowed to come back very soon. I could so easily spend a week here, they have a state of the art spa, art studios and classes, amazing hiking trails and a stunning golf course that Sean seemed particularly interested in...

Just after we had payed our bill, the waiter brought this little tray with strawberries and caramel filled truffles. (We finished them before I even had a chance to snap a photo.) Anyway, I thought that was such a nice touch - especially combined with the fact that he {the waiter} kept addressing me as "young lady"... :) 

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Jacaranda Tree

{The tree in the photo grows at the corner of our street}.

L.A. is extra beautiful this time of year thanks to all the Jacaranda trees that line the streets. For a few weeks in June the city is positively awash with lilac blossoms, and I love it. 

I usually don't have the patience for poems, but I found this and thought it was pretty...

A Jacaranda Tree.

A Jacaranda tree stands tall, and sways as if to say,
Look! At this magnificence, I’m wearing blue today.
forgive the way I shout aloud, my lack of modesty,
but nowhere in this troubled world is finery like me.

Light rays slide between each leaf, to settle on the tips
to lightly kiss your face with a hundred million tiny lips.
You only have to lift your eyes to greet the filtered sun
a sight I guarantee will warm the heart of everyone.

Though very tall, my leaf is small, its form is one of fern,
large panicles of bluebells swell to trumpet unconcern.
A Bee collecting nectar from an ample deep white throat,
takes flight to join its family, and of its feast to gloat.

Look up to see each fern like leaf, floating up on high,
like footprints of a centipede that stroll across the sky
See how far my branches reach, admire their greenery,
I am beautiful and strong, I am the Jacaranda tree.

Anne Beard

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A Country House {in Sweden}

My birthday is coming up in a few days, and family members sweetly asking what's on my wish list has prompted me to think about what I would really really like; A country house in Sweden. I know, not exactly the humblest of requests... And not exactly the most practical either, seeing as I live in Los Angeles, California... Nevertheless, every year come June, I think back to my idyllic childhood summers spent in the countryside of southern Sweden... And I dream of a little ( or big, either way :) Swedish house to call my own. I can easily while away hours trawling the local home listings - so inspiring and fun! Today I found this newly refurbished jewel built in 1909...

{All images courtesy of}

Pretty charming, isn't it? Well, a girl can dream...


Monday, June 07, 2010

Two things to ♥

In honor of the fact that yesterday was the National Day of Sweden, today's picks are in shades of sky blue and buttery yellow (just like the motherland flag...) Crisp stripes and classic shape make this Cornishware teacup a desirable staple. Available in sets of four at Dean & Deluca. Oh and I practically gasped with delight when I laid eyes on a picture of this sumptuous leather tote that the nice advertising people at Barneys kindly emailed me. But then came the realisation that it was "A Fendi", meaning of course that the price - like the style factor - is quite, quite high...

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Weekend Wishes...

... A pink box of letters on a soft country lane...Well weathered luggage for travels far far away... Homemade chocolate chip cookies, served with fresh Lemonade... Cool baths to refresh - on that lovely but warm! - early June day...

Have a beautiful {summer} Sunday!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Quote of Note

"I think the best thing I can do is to be a distraction. A husband lives and breathes his work all day long. If he comes home to more table thumping, how can the poor man ever relax?"  Jackie Kennedy

...This just makes me smile. (And my husband, I'm sure!) But seriously, how gorgeous was Jackie? I know it's almost a cliche to say, but I truly can't think of anyone more stylish. I hear Katie Holmes is about to portray the late Mrs. Kennedy in a film. Nothing against Katie of course, she's very cute and all - but those sure are big shoes to fill...

Anyways, just wanted to wish you all a Happy Friday!
Hope you've got something lovely planned. Xx

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend & some pretty rooms

{Images: C'est LA vie}

Well hellooo there Ladies, (and the occasional Gent) ...So last weekend was of the three day variety here in the States. That bonus day off is such a welcome and lovely occurrence isn't it? People are always in a rush to leave whatever city they live in for a mini break - which I can totally understand; how charming to head out to the country or a different town!  But, sometimes it's good just to stay home.  L.A. tends to empty out on holiday weekends and Sean and I had a great time enjoying the many sights of a much mellower city for a short while. We found a wonderful fenced "green" far up in the hills where Moses can run free. We had a delicious lunch at our favourite French caff (polished off by cafe au lait, pistachio macaroons and the obligatory (and very occasional) cigarette, mais bien sur!  We met up with friends for the annual Hermosa Beach Festival, enjoyed dinner and a beautiful sunset with extended family, and saw the Hollywood sign up close- ish. (Never fails to excite me - even now, four years in...)

Anyways, I hadn't planned on going offline over the weekend; it just sort of happened... And then on Tuesday I started a new job which meant I was a busy little bee all of a sudden  - hence the radio silence. But enough said. :)

Now,  let's get back on track and look at some gorgeous interiors, shall we?

Nope, I haven't tired of "shabby" yet - as long as it's not too, too "chic" - if that makes sense... The beauty of these rooms looks authentic, as if created over time. The objects and furniture are totally ecclectic, yet it all comes together in perfect harmony - serene and uncontrived...

Oh it's good to be back! See you tomorrow for a quote. Xx

{Images via here and here}
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