Thursday, June 03, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend & some pretty rooms

{Images: C'est LA vie}

Well hellooo there Ladies, (and the occasional Gent) ...So last weekend was of the three day variety here in the States. That bonus day off is such a welcome and lovely occurrence isn't it? People are always in a rush to leave whatever city they live in for a mini break - which I can totally understand; how charming to head out to the country or a different town!  But, sometimes it's good just to stay home.  L.A. tends to empty out on holiday weekends and Sean and I had a great time enjoying the many sights of a much mellower city for a short while. We found a wonderful fenced "green" far up in the hills where Moses can run free. We had a delicious lunch at our favourite French caff (polished off by cafe au lait, pistachio macaroons and the obligatory (and very occasional) cigarette, mais bien sur!  We met up with friends for the annual Hermosa Beach Festival, enjoyed dinner and a beautiful sunset with extended family, and saw the Hollywood sign up close- ish. (Never fails to excite me - even now, four years in...)

Anyways, I hadn't planned on going offline over the weekend; it just sort of happened... And then on Tuesday I started a new job which meant I was a busy little bee all of a sudden  - hence the radio silence. But enough said. :)

Now,  let's get back on track and look at some gorgeous interiors, shall we?

Nope, I haven't tired of "shabby" yet - as long as it's not too, too "chic" - if that makes sense... The beauty of these rooms looks authentic, as if created over time. The objects and furniture are totally ecclectic, yet it all comes together in perfect harmony - serene and uncontrived...

Oh it's good to be back! See you tomorrow for a quote. Xx

{Images via here and here}


shari @ little blue deer said...

Yay, you're back! I'm with you on staying in the city, when I lived in NYC I treasured holiday weekends when everyone would leave and you could actually GO to restaurants and not have to wait on line forever! So peaceful! I'm with you on the shabby, will forever love it, just don't see that changing anytime soon! I love your blog so much, Emelie! XO!

C'est La Vie said...

ok that bedroom looks SOOOOO amazing, i want it and i want it NOW

omg what if you got a sliver from walking on that floor?

ok i don't care, i'll get some slippers. done and done.


Diana Mieczan said...

I adore shabby and its so lovely to have you back sweetie!!! Those are beautiful photos and I cant wait for your quote post!
Have a great Friday:)

paula said...

oh my, that metal chest is stunning!

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