Friday, July 16, 2010

Still here...

How lovely this world of blogging can be. As you may or may not have noticed, things have been rather quiet around here lately. I don't know... perhaps there's been a lack of inspiration...or discipline... Perhaps it's been hot hot hot in L.A and perhaps my Swedish Irish bones don't fare very well in such weather... Mostly though, it's summertime and who wants to sit in front of a laptop when the sun is shining and the beach beckons? Well, not me as it turns out. It's like my body (or mind?) is perpetually set to a fifth grader's schedule; School's - out - for - summer!!!!!

Except today. I'm staying in because I've developed some fearsome blisters on my feet (walking far distances in new heals should always and at all cost be avoided in warm weather!) And at 91 (30c) degrees outside I do worry about heat stroke... (no, I am not a 19th century damsel - I just act like one.)

With the A/C blasting and my tummy full of watermelon (so refreshing!), I dragged myself online to be amused for a while by other, more impressive/disciplined/creative bloggers... I logged in to C'est LA vie first though, just in case... and I was delighted to find two darling notes from Kerri and Shari  asking about my whereabouts. Now, this would be sweet under any circumstances, but I don't actually know Kerri or Shari. I mean, I know them in terms of their amazing talents, writing styles and aesthetics - they are fellow bloggers. But we haven't actually met. I was struck by how happy their comments made me, and I thought how wonderful it felt that they actually noticed my very impromptu absence from the blogosphere...   As is so often the case, it all comes down to the importance of being acknowledged, doesn't it?

I immediately felt spurred to pick up where I left off and say thank you to all of you who take the time to check in here regularly, whether anonymously or not. It means a lot to me, and I will do my best to honor you lovely people by posting more frequently again.

I mean, summertime schmummertime, right? Beside, one can always cool down with some nice ice cream... What's your favourite flavour? I choose pistachio, every time.

Is it hot where you are?


Anonymous said...

Understand your sentiments exactly! And like you, I operate on a school calendar even though it is no longer forced on me.... but it has been hot... time to come by to enjoy the ocean breezes! Peggy

Anonymous said...

It is the pleasant feeling of being part of a real community, even though we might never meet. One funny thing - it's all women! (yes, I know, there are some men, but few and far between).

I have come to the conclusion that heat tolerance is like perfect pitch - either you have it or you don't, and I don't! I'm limp and clammy as soon as the temperature climbs, did once have to work in Delhi in temperatures of 50 degrees centigrade, (had tunnel vision every time I stood up). Cool drinks, fans and watermelon sound perfect, a swim even better...

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohh Its so hot here too...Ufff...Both girls are amazing and I adore reading their posts too:)
Summer is in a full bloom.Enjoy it sweetie and see you soon:)

Kerri said...

oh- i hope i didn't pressure you! :)
i think it's totally great to take a break from things- and this summer heat!!!!!! 91 sounds refreshing! YUCK. it's been over 100 both weekend days here and it SUCKS!!!!!!

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