Monday, December 06, 2010

New Arrival

She's here! Beautiful little Isabel - my brother Jens' daughter, my niece, was delivered safely today and I am happy to report that mother and babe are both healthy as can be.

...I knew they had gone to the hospital late last night, so suffice to say that I slept very lightly - mobile within easy reach - having sweet dreams about a big eyed baby with brown locks... Not far off as it turns out; first thing this morning I got a picture and text from Jens, saying " She's got your hair!" :)

My first thought was that Isabel looks like a Stanfield for sure, and more specifically - like our dad, Robert. This is special  for two reasons: Dad got ill a few years back and is no longer with us... But when he was, he was a pretty good looking dude. Jens of course immediately joked  "Poor girl, she's the spitting image of old Bobby!"  I said "Wonderful,  let's call her Bobbybel..."


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! Now begins a whole new stage in life for all of you - enjoy!!!

Tanja Arvidsson Ortner said...

Åh, vad kul!!! Du måste hälsa så mycket och gratta!

Emelie - C'est LA vie said...

Det ska jag! :)

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