Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Slather on

I love me a bit of beauty talk and I positively devour tips and tricks from dermatologists/magazines/expert blogs. The most precious beauty info however, usually comes from other women in my life - simply because I know that their assessments are real, honest and not sponsored.
Now, since I myself am a serious product junkie, (I have tried and tested a lot of stuff in my 31years - too much most likely(!) I figured I'd continue to share some of my best finds here on the blog every now and then... Please feel free to butt in whenever - to agree or disagree - I'm wide open for discussion! Oh, and rest assured that I all my work is strictly pro bono :)

Today: Body Lotions.

If your complexion is of the sensitive kind, you know it needs special attention - especially at this time of year when the air is cold and dry. I have two longstanding go-to products that really relieves my rough, itchy winter skin, making it soft and comfortable again.

One for when I'm feeling flush...

Aside from the great results it produces,  I love the luxe texture of this lotion and the fact that it's fragrance free means it doesn't compete with my perfume (and boys can use it too :).

...And one for when I don't.

I'm guessing you've all tried this at some point? Well, if not; know that it is incredibly rich, smells faintly like chocolate and actually does improve scars and stretchmarks

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