Monday, January 31, 2011

Spring is in the air

Hi all, so sorry for the lack of updates... Nothing yet in terms of baby news, except an almost unbearable eagerness on our part to finally meet the little man. Two more weeks as of today until the official arrival date (which happens to be Valentine's Day.) Good news; my foot is better! Bad news; the baby is so "low" now that I can hardly walk anyway ...

Thus in need of some diversion, how about a little fashion talk? Having reached week 38, my clothing options are so dismal they are hardly worth mentioning (but I will anyway just for pity's sake). I am currently down to two pairs of maternity leggings, both black, and a couple of huge zip up hoodies. That's it...give or take a few very stretched out tank tops. Good thing I don't really feel like going anywhere or seeing anyone these days (!) ...Anyways, because of this, as well as being someone who genuinely enjoys clothes, I have started to really, really long for the day when I can wear an actual outfit again. I saw a cherry tree in full bloom last week which, as cherry blossoms tend to do, made me feel all "springy" in an instant. A not so quick waddle through Barneys later, and my lust for new season shopping was all but raging.

Alas, before I have lost what feels like a gazillion pregnancy pounds, I must obviously stay disciplined and refrain from realising any serious outfit dreams. But THEN...

I'll start with a preppy but feminine silk blouse, like this cute halter neck by Marc Jacobs...
(Wait, does it have front buttons for nursing? Note to self: Find out.)

 And of course, every spring/summer calls for a good pair of white trousers... These are from the ever classic Jil Sander and would sure do the trick.

I hear that bright accessories are the current order of the day... Since I'll be pushing a pram around, a flat sandal by Lanvin in a delicious, jucy shade of orange feels right and just sensible enough.

New year, new baby... New ME? I've been wearing mostly aviators for the past 10 years now so it probably is time for a change. I like these rather groovy "eight shapes" by Marni.

 And last but not least, what I really want now is a red handbag. I think this little shoulder purse from Derek Lam is perfect in every way. (With the one possible exception of the price tag...)

{All images via Barneys New York}

Ahhh...Back to reality. Reality TV to be exact; The Bachelor is about to start so I've got to go! :) Hey, everyone is granted at least one guilty pleasure, right?

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 21, 2011

I am Emelie. But you can call me Oscar

...No baby yet. In case you were wondering. :) But at almost 37 weeks, we're getting very close (thank the Lord!) At this point, doing anything even remotely physical is difficult for me. I'm so uncomfortable most of the time that I feel like I am 31 going on 93, especially since I developed a sort of "pregnancy related" foot injury (nothing serious, just an inflamed tendril that apparently will heal itself after the delivery) but it makes it really painful to drive or even walk: My previous penguin-esque waddle now has the lovely addition of a limp... You think I'm exaggerating? Well, to put this in some perspective let me tell you a little anecdote from the other day: Having slowly, slowly hobbled my way up the street towards an appointment with a podiatrist(!), (who incidentally told me that in her opinion no woman should have to be pregnant after 36 weeks. Amen to that.) I stood waiting for the green light at a crossing when a wheelchair rolled up right next to me. In it, an elderly lady with those extremely thick eye glasses you'd think would be obsolete by now, turned her face up towards mine and asked if  perhaps I too was on the lookout for "The Access"? ..."Uhmm, The Access"? I queried, slightly confused. "Yes", she exclaimed,  "you know, the shuttle for us disabled people!" ... 

To quote one of my fave Seinfeld episodes: "Not that there is anything wrong with it."
...Of course. (But still!)

So, even though I like to think that one of my better qualities is the ability to find joy and beauty "in the little things", I admit that these past few weeks I have had to try a lot harder than normal; I am one grumpy girl lately. (Just ask my husband)  ...But all is not lost and there is still hope for me and him (not to mention the poor baby!) because the other week, on one of those L.A. days that tend to come around in January, when the weather is exquisite, the air crisp and the ocean takes on a gorgeous, deep shade of blue and the mountains come out in full view, free of fog (or smog?) - On a Sunday like that, I spotted this in Santa Monica:

Something heart achingly ethereal about a single surviving winter rose.
{Private Image}

It was all just so perfectly perfect that I (actually) smiled the entire way home...

Oscar the Grouch.
{Image via Muppet Wiki}

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Petunia Pickle Bottom

...Anytime you go through an unprecedented phase in life, (like say, when you're expecting your first child!) there is a tendency to make new discoveries almost by default. Such has been my recent venture into the world of baby retail: For the past six or seven months, I have learned almost all there is to know about every stroller, car seat, baby monitor, bassinet etc. currently on the market... All in the name of finding The Perfect Product. A tad OCD perhaps, but the options for every single little thing - from crib bedding to nipple cream - are endless, and the choices you make, (at least according to the droves of online reviews) appear to be crucial for your and your baby's health, comfort and overall happiness...(!)

Sounds tiring? Well yes, but it's a pleasurable and completely self inflicted "pain" because of course, one could just drive to the nearest Babies 'R' Us and pick everything up in one big, uncomplicated swoop... (Although that would clearly lack finesse. Besides, I feel that through all this extensive research, I've actually gained some pretty invaluable knowledge. - For example, did you know that only certain brands of car seats can be attached to a Costco shopping cart!?? ;)

...But sometimes it's nice to buy something just because you happen to like the way it looks - price, consumer reviews and practicality notwithstanding. With only a short while left of this pregnancy, my 30+ week voyage into pre baby buying is almost complete, though the all important "First Outfit" still remains... Luckily, (and just as I thought I had seen it all) I discovered the utterly charming Petunia Pickle Bottom brand a few weeks back. This California based company churns out some of the loveliest baby products I have come across, including unique bedding and layette, as well as some seriously great looking diaper bags...

I have my eye on this "Boy's Social Set" made from organic cotton.
 Loving the hat in particular.

Even the packaging is beautiful!

Pretty stylin' for a "diaper bag", no?

{All images via Petunia Pickle Bottom}

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