Sunday, January 09, 2011

Petunia Pickle Bottom

...Anytime you go through an unprecedented phase in life, (like say, when you're expecting your first child!) there is a tendency to make new discoveries almost by default. Such has been my recent venture into the world of baby retail: For the past six or seven months, I have learned almost all there is to know about every stroller, car seat, baby monitor, bassinet etc. currently on the market... All in the name of finding The Perfect Product. A tad OCD perhaps, but the options for every single little thing - from crib bedding to nipple cream - are endless, and the choices you make, (at least according to the droves of online reviews) appear to be crucial for your and your baby's health, comfort and overall happiness...(!)

Sounds tiring? Well yes, but it's a pleasurable and completely self inflicted "pain" because of course, one could just drive to the nearest Babies 'R' Us and pick everything up in one big, uncomplicated swoop... (Although that would clearly lack finesse. Besides, I feel that through all this extensive research, I've actually gained some pretty invaluable knowledge. - For example, did you know that only certain brands of car seats can be attached to a Costco shopping cart!?? ;)

...But sometimes it's nice to buy something just because you happen to like the way it looks - price, consumer reviews and practicality notwithstanding. With only a short while left of this pregnancy, my 30+ week voyage into pre baby buying is almost complete, though the all important "First Outfit" still remains... Luckily, (and just as I thought I had seen it all) I discovered the utterly charming Petunia Pickle Bottom brand a few weeks back. This California based company churns out some of the loveliest baby products I have come across, including unique bedding and layette, as well as some seriously great looking diaper bags...

I have my eye on this "Boy's Social Set" made from organic cotton.
 Loving the hat in particular.

Even the packaging is beautiful!

Pretty stylin' for a "diaper bag", no?

{All images via Petunia Pickle Bottom}


Tanja Arvidsson Ortner said...

Såå söta babykläder!!! Nu börjar det verkligen närma sig! Spännande!! :)

Kerri said...

one of my friends is due in 10 wks and i just picked out a gift she had registered for. you need some much stuff when you have a baby it's overwhelming!!! love the diaper bag!

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Emelie, those are beautiful! And I like the fact that they're not pale blue or the usual cliche colour. I can see your baby will be one stylish kid ;-) Hope you're well, Love from London xo

Anonymous said...

Emelie, have you seen this delightful stuff?

I met Dagmar at the Remodelista Market and love her simple, natural designs.

I hope all is well~

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