Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Funny Valentine

...Turns out not all members of my family are late comers after all. - At least not the newest one. :)

Noah James Stanfield-Olcott (yes, we're hoping he'll become an author) arrived in timely fashion on Monday February 14th 2011.  (Although not before making his mama work hard for seventeen hours!)  It was at precisely 23.03 pm that he uttered his first darling little cry, weighing in at a substantial 8lb 4.5oz (3755kg) and 20.5in (52.5cm). After three nights at Cedar Sinai we got home on Thursday and so far Noah is doing great; he eats, sleeps, and you-know-what when he's supposed to so the first few days at home have been pretty blissful (if not super restful).

...Do I need to tell you we're in love? To quote a friend, ( Hi Heidi :) this has been/is "THE BEST THING EVER."

I'll be back soon with updates and a slightly more detailed birth story for those of you who would like to know... But for now, I've got a baby to tend to!

PS. Thanks to everyone who's been checking in over the past couple of weeks, be it here on the blog, via email,  facebook etc. You are all great and special friends to us and it has been so nice to know we've been in your thoughts. ♥

Playing peek-a-boo after breakfast.

Please excuse the milk mustache...

Chillin' with my daddy.

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Heidi Bruch said...

This is what love at first sight is all about. He is darling. Makes me want another and have been anxiously awaiting this post. Welcome Noah, and congrats mom and dad. Enjoy his tiny everything. Can't wait to hear all about him. Him and Caroline both born on their due dates. Coincidence? Xoxo

Dorothy said...

oh he is just simply ADOREABLE. Congratulations in abundance you two lovelies. What a special and magical time. Enjoy every nano second. Can't wait to meet the bundle of joy that is handsome Noah : )

Huge huggles and love

Dorothy xxx

Anonymous said...

Stort grattis vännen!!!
Kramar, Johanna

Anonymous said...

Åh söt! Massa grattis! Himla fin bild på far och son; kan inte fatta att de är så små - supergullig när han ligger där i stora sängen! Kramar till er alla tre/ Åsa

Liz said...

Wonderful. Beautiful. Punctual. Perfect. Love to all you three.

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