Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Months

As Noah reached the grand old age of two months last Thursday, we went for his standard checkup to see how much he had grown. The doctor's office is within walking distance, so my mum and I put Noah in the pram and strolled up the street. When we got there we found out that it was also time for his first round of vaccinations. Not a fun experience to watch a stern nurse push a gigantic needle in your baby's tiny thigh, making him cry and cry... :( But he survived of course and I was surprised to hear that my little boy isn't so little anymore - he's put on over 4 lb since birth (2 kg) and has gained 2.5 inches (6 cm) in height. This is great news as it means we don't have to worry about things like supplementing with formula or indeed wake him up for feedings. He regularly sleeps six hours straight at night now, wakes up for food and a diaper change around 6 AM and then goes back to bed until a more reasonable wake up time of 9 or 10 AM. (This is very fortunate for me as I am decidedly not a morning person, and no baby, no matter how treasured, could ever change that. :)

At the doctors. Being quite happy before the shot,  looking at "the man in the mirror".

His very first plaster... At least it had Snoopy on it.

Later. Feeling much better, sitting with Mormor in the rocker.

  Anyone who holds Noah inevitably notices how strong he is; he can clasp a firm hand on your finger with his hand or foot and won't let go until you make him. He also likes to stand up straight on his chubby baby legs for several seconds when in peoples laps. Personality wise he seems set to become quite the little character, he has about a million different facial expressions, making for some pretty entertaining "conversations"...Oh, and the dude has a temper and can be really stubborn and frustrated with his dumb parents when they just. don't. get. it. It's lovely watching him become more and more responsive; he makes great eye contact now, but best of all is that his entire little face lights up in utter delight if you know how to tickle his funny bone... :)

 Every night I think that I can't love Noah any more, and every morning I find that I do. It's amazing.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

San Diego

... Friday afternoon we got a surprise call from our friends the Kazdals, saying they were in San Diego for the weekend and would we come down for a late lunch? Since Sam and Tami live in New York we rarely get to see each other, so on Sunday Sean and I packed ourselves, baby and mormor in the SUV and headed straight down highway 5. We met up with Sam and Tami for Bloody Mary's and crab cake at the gorgeous Hotel del Coronado - a beachfront resort built in the late eighteen hundreds. Old friends, great views, stiff drinks and fair weather;  Good times indeed.

On our way back to L.A. we stopped in La Jolla for lattes and to watch the sunset and hilariously chubby Sea Lions that like to lay about the cliffs. Although he cried a little after lunch,  Noah was a good boy for most of the day and didn't even complain at the indignity of having his diaper changed in the trunk of the car... :)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Beach Walk

Hi everyone, Wednesday already... Hope you had a nice weekend and a good start to the week?
...So last Sunday, Sean and I took my mum and Noah to one of our favourite spots in Malibu. This beach never disappoints, even on a somewhat gloomy day the natural beauty is just breathtaking and always makes me thankful that I get to live right here, right now.

11+ years together; time (apparently) to sport matching shoes...(!)

An old fishing boat that had capsized rather artfully, I thought.

Noah is finally big enough to be in his Baby Bjorn. :)

Monday, April 04, 2011

Mormor is here!

My mum (mormor = grandmother) arrived from Sweden on Tuesday night, and watching her bond with Noah over the last few days has been wonderful.  The two of them get along like two little peas in a pod and even sort of look alike! I am of course already fretting about when she has to go back home, though I try my best not to think about it yet, as we still get to keep her for another fourteen days...
Did I mention the rain last week? Well, the weather turned just in time for my mum's holiday; spring has officially sprung and we've been hitting up our favourite spots all over the west side, baby in tow. Fortunately, Noah loves to be out and about, especially enjoying the warm breeze and sunshine in his little face. He also likes walks, car rides, the beach, parks, even the odd restaurant visit seem to fascinate him. (The exception appears to be shopping, as every time we enter a store he pipes up and becomes positively inconsolable until we promptly leave, thank you very much. Boys will be boys, I guess. :)

Wishing you a lovely April week ahead. Xx

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