Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Retail Therapy (au francais)

So here we are, fast approaching the end of May; the time of year when I normally start the gruelling process that is the Annual Bikini Hunt.  This season however, (considering I did just have a baby), I figured I would  give myself carte blanche, pushing all thoughts of disrobing in public into the distant future of...say summer 2012...

But then yesterday, I walked in to my local branch of Petit Bateau.

Before moving Stateside, I often bought Petit Bateau staples like T's and tank tops by the bulk, finding the quality and fit truly exceptional and liking the "frenchness" that I thought lent a touch of je ne sais quoi to even the most basic garments. (Not to mention the adorable logo that is a picture of - you guessed it - a little boat!) It was only recently that I noticed the store in our neighbourhood, and seeing as this is first and foremost a children's boutique, my reason for being there yesterday was really Noah in general, and his need for cute pajamas in particular... Though once inside, I was happy to rediscover this excellent brand for grownups as well as kids, and especially pleased to see that they now also do a lovely line of swim wear, complete with bikinis, one pieces, beachy dresses and towels. - All tres, tres chic. :)
Hmmm, I thought  - suddenly feeling inspired enough to enter the dressing room - perhaps I shall hit the sand (or should I say la plage?) this summer after all...

Unisex Towel in Striped Terry Cloth

Two Piece Bandeau Bikini

And of course I didn't forget
 about those cute pajamas! :)

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