Thursday, June 30, 2011


Saw this here and it made me happy so I'm passing it along...

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Sums it up rather well, doesn't it?... (Although they forgot ice cream!)


Monday, June 20, 2011

Four Months

I was considering changing the title of C'est LA vie - a Style blog to Noah James - a Baby blog. I felt it might be more...uhm, honest at this point. :) I won't though, partly because it would just be such a hassle - what with redesigning the header etc., and partly because I still harbour some hope that a time will come when I regain interest for things other than my own child. (!)  "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks", I guess...  (Anyways, just thought I'd mention this so that you know that I know, you know?)

Now, back to what's important, namely the fascinating intricacies of Noah's development!  ...Still reading? I appreciate it, I really do. Below is a quite detailed account of what's going on now that he is four months.

At the standard check up last week, our little big boy weighed in at 16lb, 7.3kg (75%) and measured 25", 63.5cm  (60%). Here are some more stats... Sleeping: still so good I (almost) don't want to jinx it by bragging... lets just say that I rarely have to get up before 7.30 these days. Bedtime has actually gotten a lot quicker since we graduated from the swaddle to the sleep sack (and he found his thumb). We put him in the crib a little before 8pm every night and within minutes he's suckling away, getting himself to sleep... Feeding: Well, no problem there, he is still as hungry as ever, and has even started to show some interest in our food, which makes me hopeful for the introduction of solids next month. (Side note: Noah has taken to mimicking us, which is funny...Sometimes I'm nursing while talking on the phone, and if I laugh, he immediately stops feeding, looks up at me with big eyes and then he laughs too. :)
 Exercise: Tummy Time - meh, doesn't like it much and protests by rubbing his little nose in the blanket, making angry, frustrated grunts. But we're working on it...  Actually, he much prefers sitting, or indeed standing on sturdy little legs in our laps, so perhaps he'll skip that silly crawling business altogether and go straight to walking instead! He outgrew the bassinet about a month ago, and today we were able to take out the infant insert from the car seat. Play: Toys have become much more interesting lately; he can lie forever on a blanket staring, batting and chatting away at his various animal friends (most of whom inevitably end up in his slobbery little mouth before long!) He found his toes just the other day, which is just the cutest, and he has hardly let go of them since... Still, nothing delights this mini Narcissus more than catching a glimpse of his own reflection, so we spend a lot of time in front of mirrors!
...Quite the little bon vivant, he loves his bath time and the nightly massage daddy often gives him. He likes listening to music and he also cheers up whenever we go outside (which is nice, as it makes every outing soo worth the effort!) Oh, and to my great relief he has gotten used to shopping and can easily spend 30 min or so in a store now without complaining! His voice is deep and a little husky, as is his cry. He's become more attention seeking than before and he does have a temper, but normally keeps it under wraps until he's really hungry or really tired. If you smile at him he instantly smiles back, and if you kiss his little face he opens his mouth very wide and turns towards you as if he's trying to (french:) kiss you right back. And he jabbers and he drools and he cuddles and he laughs and he sticks his tongue out...
And I have a total crush on him because he literally makes my day, every day.

Now let's just hope that lasts... :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear Dad...


I think you are awesome.

x /Noah

Friday, June 17, 2011

Domestic Goodness

Nigella says to soak some sultanas in rum or bourbon to bring out the flavour of her banana-walnut bread. But if you, like me, are not a fan of raisins, you can just mix whatever liquor you got with the bananas (well almost). I used brandy when I made this yesterday and it came out good.

Happy Friday!

Recipe courtesy of Nigella Lawson, How to Be a Domestic Goddess.
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My fan club, Weekend and a Trip down memory lane (or: One REALLY long blog post)

It's been several years now since I last performed anything on stage (or on screen for that matter). In fact, enough time has past, that in my more self doubting moments you might think I'd consider myself a so called "has-been"... Not so!  - Because here, in my very own home, I have an exceptionally captive audience who follow my every move daily and with the utmost interest and attention. What they may lack in size they make up for in cuteness, and their sheer devotion during even the most mundane moments is enough to make anyone feel like a star...

Earlier today, as I was brushing my teeth. :)

 Soo, I hope your weekend was good and that the week started out well?

...As for my weekend; it began early on Friday afternoon with a lovely visit from our Seattle based friends the O'Mahony's who were in town for an event. It had been a long time since we saw Ronan and Heather last and it was really good to catch up over some coffee (and chat about our babies!:) Saturday Sean and I had an "errand day" when, among other things, we got Noah's first passport photos done. Not shockingly, they came out pretty badly which, in a weird way actually make them seem more legit. (What is it with ID photos that they almost never look good, no matter how sweet the object?!) ...

See what I mean!?

...Then on Sunday we celebrated my birthday and also the one year anniversary of finding out about Noah. 

I had felt sort of "odd" for a few days but hadn't really clocked what it might be until that evening on the 11th. I told Sean that I suspected something might be up and we joked about what an awesome gift it would be  to realise I was pregnant on the eve of my birthday. A few hours later we were so excited by the possibility that Sean drove to the pharmacy to get a pregnancy test, but when he got back we read on the box that for the most accurate result it had to be "administered" in the morning. Disappointed (patience was never my strong suit) and anxious, I hardly slept at all and was (rather uncharacteristically) up at the crack of dawn. Staring at the 'done' test I saw two undeniably clear lines and promptly got Sean out of bed by shrieking from the bathroom "come look, come look, come look"! We had already planned on spending the day in Ojai, which - for those of you who don't know it - is a historic old town nestled in the mountains just east of Santa Barbara: We had a gorgeous day there, it was such a perfect place to let the amazing news soak in... At dinner that night, I remember feeling very special declining wine, demurely saying "No thank you" to the waiter, adding "I'm pregnant".  (Note: The "special" feeling of turning down wine, waned rather quickly after that, turning at first into mild frustration, then - towards the end of the third trimester, into sheer desperation...(!)

This year I woke much later to the sounds and sights of my husband singing Happy Birthday (in Swedish!)whilst carrying a breakfast tray, and the sweet face of my son, now four months old, squealing with delight in the bed next to me. (Noah loves it when we sing, no matter (apparently!) what the song :)  The three of us went to Joan's on 3rd for lunch and then on for cupcakes and coffee with Sean's parents at their place on the beach. Later, because we have a baby, we ended the day - not out on the town, but "in the comfort of our own home" ...   Though we did have champagne, ate a delicious dinner and watched a decent movie (The Town with Ben Affleck and the excellent Rebecka Hall).  Bringing me to the conclusion that at 32, life is still pretty good.

A vanilla cupcake from Joan's - possibly the best in L.A.
And yes, I did make a wish...:)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Reader

Making his literature major mama proud...

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Happy Weekend, friends! Xx

Friday, June 10, 2011


Having lived the past twelve years in urban surroundings, I pretty much consider myself a bonafide city girl at this point. That said, the previous nineteen years were spent very much in the country, so perhaps it's only natural that I should long for green fields and birdsong now and then... Funny when I think about it, in our many moves Sean and I have always managed to land near one recreational area or other; In Zurich we lived by the river Limmat, in Richmond we were close to the hill and our last flat in London was within walking distance of Hyde Park. In Santa Monica there was the beach of course, and here in Beverly Hills we have a (much, much smaller but nice!) park quite literally around the corner where I take Noah almost every day. We might bring a bottle (for him), a book (for me), our sunhats and a blanket... Sometimes we chat a while with other mamas and babies, dog owners or senior citizens (there is a community center in the park :). Other times we find that the best thing is to simply lie on the ground and look up at trees (Noah's favourite), we listen to the leaves rustle, the birds twitter and kids playing in the grass all around us...  It may not be the country, but it is still lovely.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Doggy Daycare

Nannies need not apply...

Friday, June 03, 2011

Road Trip

Sean had Tuesday off, so we decided to go for a drive up the coast to Santa Barbara; our destination of choice whenever L.A. seems a bit "much". We had a gorgeous, relaxing day and it was fun taking Noah to some of our favourite places...

One of my many "If money was no object" dream homes...

...not only is it a stunning old house, it has this view...

...overlooking beautiful Butterfly Beach.

Which is also where one finds The Biltmore  (a Four Seasons resort) .

...May I recommend the warm apple pie
with rosemary and caramel? :)

 - Who says you can't bring baby for a drink!?...

...Uhm, child protective services?
 (Especially if he's a quarter Irish :)

Dusk at the marina

{Private Images}


Wishing you a nice weekend, have you got something lovely planned...?

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Thursday Niceties

Sun ripened cherries from a farmers market in Santa Barbara

A fresh bar of sweet smelling buttermilk soap

A flowering magnolia tree just outside our window

This face, smiling up at me from the stroller

{Private Images}

 ...Sometimes it's the little things that makes the (my) world go 'round. :)

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