Friday, June 10, 2011


Having lived the past twelve years in urban surroundings, I pretty much consider myself a bonafide city girl at this point. That said, the previous nineteen years were spent very much in the country, so perhaps it's only natural that I should long for green fields and birdsong now and then... Funny when I think about it, in our many moves Sean and I have always managed to land near one recreational area or other; In Zurich we lived by the river Limmat, in Richmond we were close to the hill and our last flat in London was within walking distance of Hyde Park. In Santa Monica there was the beach of course, and here in Beverly Hills we have a (much, much smaller but nice!) park quite literally around the corner where I take Noah almost every day. We might bring a bottle (for him), a book (for me), our sunhats and a blanket... Sometimes we chat a while with other mamas and babies, dog owners or senior citizens (there is a community center in the park :). Other times we find that the best thing is to simply lie on the ground and look up at trees (Noah's favourite), we listen to the leaves rustle, the birds twitter and kids playing in the grass all around us...  It may not be the country, but it is still lovely.

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