Friday, June 03, 2011

Road Trip

Sean had Tuesday off, so we decided to go for a drive up the coast to Santa Barbara; our destination of choice whenever L.A. seems a bit "much". We had a gorgeous, relaxing day and it was fun taking Noah to some of our favourite places...

One of my many "If money was no object" dream homes...

...not only is it a stunning old house, it has this view...

...overlooking beautiful Butterfly Beach.

Which is also where one finds The Biltmore  (a Four Seasons resort) .

...May I recommend the warm apple pie
with rosemary and caramel? :)

 - Who says you can't bring baby for a drink!?...

...Uhm, child protective services?
 (Especially if he's a quarter Irish :)

Dusk at the marina

{Private Images}


Wishing you a nice weekend, have you got something lovely planned...?

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