Friday, July 29, 2011

Reality Bites

Annoyingly glamorous? 
S J P, mother of three, photographed for Vogue by Mario Testino
{Image Credit}

"Chic amid chaos" reads the caption to this picture of a beautifully attired woman posing in her children's messy (but pretty!) bedroom. It - and several others like it - can be seen in the current issue of American Vogue. During a few precious moments of "me-time" earlier today, I flicked through the digital pages and gazed at those pictures whilst wearing my own daily uniform of comfy (read stretchy) jeans, flip flops, and (sometimes unsoiled) T-shirt, and I (ahem) couldn't help but wonder: - What mum dresses like this?

Sarah Jessica Parker, that's who. The article is titled "How does she do it?" Uhm, if we're talking about her looking ridiculously fantastic, then my guess is with a little help from her friends The Editorial team at Vogue and Mr. Testino...? (!)  I have mixed feelings about these types of articles that seem to be everywhere lately, - oohing and aahing over the fortitude of some celebrity or other who (gasp!) takes her own kids to the playground while still maintaining both her fulfilling career and impeccable style! ... How are we [the readers] meant to respond? With awe? Obviously it's possible to be duly impressed without feeling unduly envious, maintaining a healthy, detached approach of "Good For Her!", and I am all for fashion magazines as escapism. But still... I guess what I object to is when what is really a promotional piece for an upcoming movie, instead pretends to be some sort of inspirational "real-life" story depicting a multi-tasking mama - just like you and me! - except she's a little better, and therefore aspirational, because she miraculously manages to "do it all".

Wouldn't it be so much more refreshing if they could just tell it like it is?
... "Look at SJP!  - She's 46, yet much thinner than you'll ever be, she's also extremely rich and successful and leads a fantastically multi faceted life with her equally famous husband and their three adorable kids in Manhattan. She can do it all, because she has a cook, a driver, a cleaner, an assistant, a personal trainer, a manager, a nanny, etc, etc, as well as possibly the best wardrobe in the world.
You don't. In fact, we bet that your life looks nothing like Sarah Jessica Parker's so you can't possibly compare yourself with her.
HOWEVER, you can and should put your feet up and revel in the beautiful aesthetics of these gorgeous pictures and read about this famous person's unbelievably amazing life, escaping your own slightly more modest situation for a moment, allowing yourself the luxurious pleasure that is day-dreaming..."

A little honesty, that's all I'm after. :)

(Sorry, but blogs provide such conducive space for personal rants, sometimes it's hard to resist.) Oh, and obviously nothing against Sarah Jessica Parker, personally, whom I actually really like. From a distance.


Nite nite friends, and happy weekend!  x


PS. A little movie tip: Sean and I watched the film "Dinner for Schmucks" last night and we both found it much funnier than expected. (And that cute Paul Rudd is in it! Don't you agree that he's sort of dreamy in that "sexy nerd" kind of way...?)


drollgirl said...

what a crock of shit. oh i hear ya on this post. i have a love/hate thing with advertising, editorials, magazine layouts, promotion and propaganda. ugh. it can be pretty to look and read about sometimes, but it can also incite fury and inferiority complexes.

hope you and the family are doing well!!!! and you might possibly have the cutest little boy IN THE WORLD. he is adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

You go, girl! SJP doesn't do it all without her many helpers (as you so aptly listed)! What's most admirable, in my mind, is maintaining your humor, style, and enjoyment of parenthood without all the trappings - because that's all they are - trappings. So you go off and listen to Noah babble and laugh and know that YOU have it all! Love - Peg

H.D.O. said...

After Flora had reflux for the first 6+ months of life I thought I would never wear silk (or anything fancy) ever again. Then it went away! Then came solid food! So cotton is King in our house.
I save my skirt suits for luncheons at Bergdorf's of course...

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