Tuesday, August 09, 2011


What? It's kind of a big deal you know!! :)

...Hope you're having a good week so far? Mine has been busy as I'm trying to get organised for our summer holiday. We're heading to Sweden in six days and I am soo excited to see everyone - especially as this will be Noah's first visit (but also a little nervous; fifteen hours on a plane with a baby (!)


Noah has been busy growing up. Not only did he learn how to sit up without support last week...

(and being darn proud of it!:)

...He also had his first cup of coffee.

...As well as some intriguing conversations with a good friend...

At the park he went for a short walk...

 ...And a quick flight!

We joined a "baby and me" yoga class on Wednesday where he had a great time meeting new, pint sized friends and (rather fittingly) spent the majority of the session in "happy baby" pose. :)

But perhaps most importantly, yesterday he experienced an evening home alone! (Well, without us that is, Grandma was there...) My lovely mother-in-law babysat (thanks again, Peggy!) while Sean and I had our first night out post Noah. Sunday marked our 7 year wedding anniversary, and to celebrate we went for dinner at a nearby French restaurant called Bouchon. We both got a little dressed up for the occasion, which always makes everything more romantic anyways, and, probably because it had been so long since we were out as a couple, last night had something of a first-date-vibe about it (without the pressure)... I had been wanting to check out Bouchon for a while, and it didn't disappoint; beautiful food, good wine, subtle decor (that I would describe as "1920's Paris") with candlelit ambiance. Oh, and our neighbour who knew about our dinner plans had arranged for champagne to be sent to our table when we arrived! Wasn't that sweet? 
...As for Noah, I actually felt more relaxed than I had expected being away from him for the first time. Knowing he was in good hands and most likely snoozing away in his little crib helped of course...We put him to bed before we left, pretending it was business as usual (so as not to upset him). He bought it :) and was still sleeping soundly when we got back three hours later.
Good baby!

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