Thursday, September 29, 2011

Noah Likes...

Hanging in the green arm chair...

His Daddy...

Mama's red toenails :)...

Beer (well, we think) ...


And Moses dog.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Home Swede Home (part three)

They say that absence make the heart grow fonder, right? And as I count the years and conclude that it is now more than twelve years since I left Sweden for London to find new adventures (and as it turned out a husband :), I know this old saying to be very true. Obviously I loved my friends and home country before, but it was a different, taking-stuff-for-granted kind of love.

... I had just turned 20 when I left the small university town of Lund where I went to school, and at that point everything, anything! seemed more exciting and definitely cooler that boring old Sweden.
Now, I am a huge believer in travel for broadening one's mind and I am so grateful for having had the chance to live in world cities like London and L.A., Seattle for a short while and then Zurich (N.Y. and Paris are still on my wish-list :). The experiences I've had because I left have been amazing and though not always easy, I wouldn't trade them for anything. Most of all, (and I know this sounds cliched) I am grateful for the perspective it has given me on life as it relates to what really matters: Good friends, family and roots. That's it. Oh and clean air and water. I have a new level of appreciation for these things now, and feel so much happier because of it...
And if I didn't quite realise it before, I now know just how very special a place Sweden is [to me], the reasons being many... But just to mention a few; it's clean, beautiful and very safe. Swedes are, for the most part, healthy and wealthy, education is free (yet good) as is health care. The beaches are undeveloped and will remain that way thanks to a rather unique law stating that much of the natural landscape cannot be claimed by any single person but belongs to all. Sure, the winters are long and bitterly cold, but as a result, people have developed strong design sensibilities so indoor environments are usually gorgeous (and warm!). Almost everyone I know gets - and takes - at least five weeks of holiday per year, and don't even get me started on the awesomeness of the 12 + months of fully paid maternity/paternity leave available to those who work... Buses and trains arrive when they're supposed to, the food is fresh, the coffee good.

And for me it's -still - Home.

My favourite place on earth...

...with some of my favourite people (and the Baby jogger City mini which turned out to be the BEST travel stroller! )

A coffee date in Malmo with our friends Johan, Johanna and their little girls Vera & Thea.

Fresh seafood, good wine, gorgeous kids + a couple of my oldest and bestest friends = Good Times!

My brother and Noah are both born on Valentine's day. Awww :)

Noah with two of his great (and great:) aunts and cousin Isabel

Breakfast at my mum's house

Love them ♥

Thursday, September 22, 2011

7 Months

My 18.11 lb, 28" (8.2kg 71cm) cheerful, drooling, teething (and bothered by it), cuddly, curious, screeching, peek-a-boo-playing, bouncing, thumbsucking when tired or owerwhelmed, determined, bottle-loving, not crawling yet but almost standing!, loud, stubborn, sociable, lovable, funny, patient, sweet-smelling, sticky-fingered, husky voiced, bright-eyed bundle of undiluted joy...

Private Images

I love you, baby.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Into the Wild

One nice thing about L.A. living is having easy access to the many canyons that are dotted across town. These are not like the manicured parks of European cities, but wonderfully rugged "recreational" areas where you can hike, run, grill, camp and possibly spot a coyote or mountain lion! Whilst in Kenter Canyon today we didn't come across either (though there was a rather goofy Great Dane that sort of intimidated Moses by its sheer size)  nor have we ever*, but just knowing they are there makes a Saturday family outing that much more thrilling... 

*We did see a whale on Labour Day though, which totally made my weekend.

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday? I will be back soon with one more batch of pics from our Sweden trip (I'm sure you've been waiting anxiously :) and also Noah's seven months stats.

Until then,  

Private Images

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shop Talk

(Turns out I'm in an unusually bloggy mood; I don't think I've ever done two posts in one day before... Although it is late, so I guess technically it's already tomorrow.) 

...Late afternoon the weather cleared up so we decided to finally get dressed and venture out for some coffee and a stroll around the neighbourhood. As so often happens, we wound up at Barneys where I stopped by the Kiehl's counter to stock up on some of my beauty go-to's... Kiehl's is just such a classic, dependable brand; For soft, shiny hair you can't go wrong with their Creme with Silk Groom, I've mentioned Creme the Corps before of course, and have you tried the Ultra Facial Cleanser? I've used it on and off for years now and it remains one of my absolute favourite products for achieving clear, healthy looking skin. - It's so nice when stuff actually does what it says on the box, isn't it?
Anyways, as you may have noticed if you read my posts often, I love Barneys and reference it regularly in this blog. Their selection of goods is tasteful and nicely edited so that you feel you've got choice without being overwhelmed. It's posh, sure, but still maintains a bit of an edge and the service is friendly as opposed to snooty. Mostly though, I love that when I'm in the store or on the website, I always seem to find what I didn't know I was looking for, which adds a nice element of surprise to the whole shopping experience.  Today I made my special discovery in the kids section, where it took me all about a few seconds to lay eyes on this handsome elephant, instantly recognising him as a future friend of Noah's. :)

Isn't he a dear? We think his name might be Eli.
Jellycat Medium Pelhamby Elephant
via Barneys.

Since so much of my shopping is child related these days, I thought I'd add a new blog category for this purpose. From now on, all my baby buying memoirs will be filed under "Kid Shop" in the category list (upper left corner). Pretty great, huh? ... :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lazy Saturday

A rare, overcast day in L.A. Noah's cold moved on and now lives in Sean's chest, so we're just hanging around the apartment in our Pj's... It's 2pm and I haven't even showered yet (eeeww, I know). Very relaxing, though.

Ps. Guess who suddenly and unexpectedly got his first tooth this week? The nursing days are numbered...

Pps. Another first: The black eye. (Apparently he got mixed up in a bar brawl...)

"Talking to me??"

Friday, September 09, 2011

Home Swede Home (part two)

A large part of this holiday was spent in the company of family and extended family. I have four aunts on my mother's side - three who live in Sweden, so we saw them, their husbands and some of my cousins and their children. (My dad's relatives are all in the U.K.).
...Now that we live so far way, it has become sort of a special treat seeing everyone, and though it's a total cliche, it was really fun looking for, and tracing family resemblances in Noah. :)

One weekend, there was a birthday party for my aunt Gunilla...
Noah gets a cuddle from the lady of the hour.

My cousin's fiancee Markus is a teacher, so the kids table was very much his scene...

Live Entertainment

"Walking off the cake" by the local harbour.

Noah and his entourage

My aunt Viveka who lives a few hours north drove down for a much anticipated visit. Noah loved her just like I knew he would and the two of them spent one long, lovely day of intensive bonding... :)


...Another very important first meeting, was with my little niece Isabel, Noah's one and only cousin. Born just two months apart, the babies were adorable together and seemed to really delight in each other's company (well, for the most part. :) It was so darn cute watching them interact and we all just wished we lived closer...

Looks like someone needs to toughen up...

And on one warm Friday afternoon, some of us got together for a little tacos party hosted poolside by my cousin Malin and her husband... 

My brother, Isabel, Noah and Sean enjoy some beer and a chat.

Yay - I'm an aunt!

Noah gets some love from my cousin Martina

Too little to swim in the big tub.

Boys, beer and baby bottles.

My sister in law, Pia.

Big boy Noah :)

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