Saturday, September 03, 2011

Home Swede Home (part one)

Back in Beverly Hills again after our two week break in Sweden, we're slowly getting over the holiday blues and jet lag, made slightly worse by the fact that Noah caught his first ever cold last weekend and a lingering stuffy nose is making bed time tricky. But the little dude takes his medicine like a trooper and it breaks my heart every time he'll interrupt a particularly nasty coughing session just to give me a quick smile as if to say; "it's alright mama, I'll survive"...

We had such a fantastic time seeing everyone back home; Noah loved every minute (and all the attention), even the dreaded transatlantic flight went relatively smooth. On the way there we were seated in the bulk head next to another couple with a baby named Leo. The little boys liked each other from the start and soon settled in watching Tellytubbies on Leo's mama's Ipad! There was (thankfully) only minimal crying and they both slept sweetly in their SAS - provided bassinets. (Btw, if you're planning a trip with a child, may I suggest that you choose Scandinavian Airlines, they were soo friendly and helpful the whole way on account of the baby: Letting us check in at the business class counter, cutting lines, and in addition to the bassinet that the stewardess prepared with crisp sheets, they gave us free diapers and even toys to keep - awesome!) Noah turned out to be a great little traveller and was in a sunny mood even when his parents weren't (like, for instance during the tedium that was the DC layover), smiling all the way, he made friends with everyone from little Leo to the surly passport control person in Copenhagen... :) Once in Sweden he adjusted to the nine hour time difference beautifully, my mum had converted her art studio into a tranquil nursery just for him which most certainly helped (check out the serene view below), and perhaps realising we were on vacation, he slept in until 10 - 11am the first few mornings, and then settled in to his usual 12 hours straight in just a couple of nights. (Making me very happy and very proud, yet again.)

...Now, lest I forget my British heritage completely, I must of course make a note on the weather, which was less than perfect. Not that it mattered much to me. It's sort of funny, living in such a fair climate, I've found that there's suddenly a lot less pressure (and desire) for sunshine when I travel...  So, to sum up then, we spent twelve lovely days (some sunny, some not) with good old friends and family in southern Sweden where I grew up. Noah had a blast meeting all the people who have been sending him love from a distance for six long months and I overzealously documented everything with close to 300(!) pictures. Don't worry, I won't post them all...

Just a few of my faves to start, depicting among other things, a trip we took with my mum on our first day to a small seaside town called Ystad. There we enjoyed traditional Swedish meatballs on the beach before revisiting the old country house where Sean and I held our wedding reception back in 2004.

Master Noah on the plane, wearing Polarn O. Pyret stripes in his air line bassinet.

"Hey grandma, throw me a meatball, will ya!"

When in Rome...

Yes, there are white sandy beaches in Sweden!

Table dancing with his Mormor.

Back at "Snogeholm's Castle", seven years and one baby later. :)

After the reception, most of the wedding guests stayed the night,
as did we and ours was the tower suite with all the ivy...

...Overlooking this lake.

Later, Noah took his nightly bath in my mum's kitchen.

From the outside looking in...

Outside the nursery window.
The two deer came to say goodnight around Noah's bedtime every evening.

Had enough? Too bad, I told you I have a boatload of photos from this trip and more will follow in "Home Swede Home" part two and three...

It's good to be back. :)  Happy Friday, friends!



McDougall said...

These are beautiful. Noah is beautiful. Love the in-flight bassinet. Would like to pinch his cheeks in person. Keep the photos coming, I never tire of them. Love love love you three.

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Salut Emelie, welcome back home! Noah looks like the happiest and most cheerful baby ever, he's so cute! Wonderful pictures.

A holiday in Sweden must be so nice, I've only been to Stockholm once, but loved if I want koettbullar I go to IKEA ;-D

Thanks for your sweet comment, shame you were too late for the giveway (no, not sophisticated at all really), but check out Caravan's blog and shop, it's great.

Lovely to have you back, have a good week xo

Tricia Rose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tricia Rose said...

Just the dearest baby! It makes so much difference when they travel well ... like a fine wine~

When babies cry on takeoff and landing I always want to tell the mothers the old trick of massaging just in from of their ears, quite firmly. It relieves the pressure, often works like a charm! (not that Noah needed it!)

Christi said...

What wonderful photos of your time in Sweden. Loved seeing all that white blonde hair on the kidlets. Welcome home, love! Noah is growing so fast, and he's quite handsome with those big blues. Hope to see him and you soon!

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