Friday, September 09, 2011

Home Swede Home (part two)

A large part of this holiday was spent in the company of family and extended family. I have four aunts on my mother's side - three who live in Sweden, so we saw them, their husbands and some of my cousins and their children. (My dad's relatives are all in the U.K.).
...Now that we live so far way, it has become sort of a special treat seeing everyone, and though it's a total cliche, it was really fun looking for, and tracing family resemblances in Noah. :)

One weekend, there was a birthday party for my aunt Gunilla...
Noah gets a cuddle from the lady of the hour.

My cousin's fiancee Markus is a teacher, so the kids table was very much his scene...

Live Entertainment

"Walking off the cake" by the local harbour.

Noah and his entourage

My aunt Viveka who lives a few hours north drove down for a much anticipated visit. Noah loved her just like I knew he would and the two of them spent one long, lovely day of intensive bonding... :)


...Another very important first meeting, was with my little niece Isabel, Noah's one and only cousin. Born just two months apart, the babies were adorable together and seemed to really delight in each other's company (well, for the most part. :) It was so darn cute watching them interact and we all just wished we lived closer...

Looks like someone needs to toughen up...

And on one warm Friday afternoon, some of us got together for a little tacos party hosted poolside by my cousin Malin and her husband... 

My brother, Isabel, Noah and Sean enjoy some beer and a chat.

Yay - I'm an aunt!

Noah gets some love from my cousin Martina

Too little to swim in the big tub.

Boys, beer and baby bottles.

My sister in law, Pia.

Big boy Noah :)

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Tanja Arvidsson Ortner said...

Vad roligt att se bilder från när ni var i Sverige och få se hur Jens dotter också ser ut. Kommer bilder från kräftskivan i part three eller? ;) Kram

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