Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What? We've been busy.

Little time for blogging lately as this baby I know has me driving all over town to his many social engagements. Today for example we took a "World Citizen Baby" music class in Hollywood, because lets face it - baby needs to bongo. It was fun; There were drums and maracas, we clapped hands, we bounced excitedly on our bums, there was a nice lady cutting loose on the guitar. We sang songs in Swahili, in Spanish, in Portuguese. There may even have been some twirling... Good times.
Oh, and tomorrow we're off to try out something called "Gymboree" - a play and learn type class where I understand Noah will get to exercise all sorts of muscles - mental and physical stimulation! And then there is our Friday "Mommy and Me" meeting with five other mothers and babies (as well as an infant-development-expert) where, we basically just hang out for an hour and dish about our week. (Perhaps not just for Noah's sake, this one :) Add to this doctor visits and play dates and baby yoga and stroller walks, and you can understand how my treasured time Online has been cut short! ... :)
Anyways, I felt the urge to stop by real quick and say hello. Fall is of course in full swing by now, which actually amazes me - wasn't it just summer like, a minute ago?  Now that the Holiday season is literally around the corner, I am working my mum to celebrate Christmas in L.A. as well as trying to decide whether or not Noah should dress up for Halloween. (A tradition that I can't really claim as my own, but that I am partial to nonetheless on account of the costumes (and candy). But is he too small? Wouldn't it be a little silly? I just don't know...

Guys and Dolls

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Anonymous said...

Oh, it all sounds like such fun! Hanging out with your peers is always terrific no matter how young! And what a cute group of little tykes! So Noah will speak English, Swedish and sing in multiple languages - Oh my!
xxoo Peg

Christi said...

Emily and I are still friends with the girls/kiddos we met in our Mama/Baby group at the hospital. All the kids have been buddies since 8 weeks old. I remember pictures like these 3 years ago! It's wonderful you are keeping so busy with little Noah. We, too, did Gymboree (Kindermusik) for a bit. So fun for the wee ones! Xoxo.

Heidi Bruch said...

I am so happy to see you guys have found a group. We still see our friends from our moms group every week...since Hayden was 8 several of them are in preschool together. Ps-he is sooooo handsome!

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