Friday, October 21, 2011

When Dreams Come True

Remember these guys? ...

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I certainly do. When I was 12 -13 years old, 90210 was like the highlight of my week. I know that sounds a little sad, but there you have it. For one hour every Tuesday night, I would escape my rather unglamorous Swedish small-town existence and get swept away to the sparkling sunshine of a place far, far away called "Beverly Hills". I would engage myself much too much with the lives of eight fictional kids who had lots of money (except for that poor Andrea Zuckerman, but she was smart so she had a scholarship - and glasses!:) They all had very mature problems concerning cool stuff such as drugs, abortions, infidelity (and on one occasion even HIV!) so watching the show made me feel grown up and worldly. The morally responsible and just generally affable! Brandon Walsh remained my idea of the Ideal Guy for a long time, setting the bar impossibly high for whatever awkward preteen I happened to call my "boyfriend". And I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that for the entire seventh grade, I modelled my whole look on Brenda (she, like me, was of course a brunette with bangs so that decision was obvious) I loved this show. I would go to great lengths never to miss an episode, and at 8.45 when the credits rolled I was inevitably left with a bad case of the blues, agonising over the fact that I was one long week away from knowing whether that scary lump in Brenda's breast really WAS cancer, if Kelly and Dylan actually HAD done it in the pool and IF Donna finally would succumb to David's tireless attempts at stealing her carefully guarded virginity. (That, as it happened would take many, many seasons, tooting a rather heavy handed message of the importance of maintaining one's morals, even in the face of group pressure...)

 I used to silently curse the fact that I lived in a dull little country like Sweden where winters were long and my school looked nothing like West Beverly High, where none of my friends drove a red convertible (or any car at all for that matter, as, in Sweden you couldn't even drive until 18!), where peoples dads were not multi millionaires with credit cards readily doled out for teenage shopping binges, and most importantly, the boys were not at all like either Dylan McCay or Brandon Walsh.
If only I lived in Beverly Hills, I used to think when I was 14,  then I would be hanging out with cool kids just like the Walshes and Co and then my life would surely be awesome. The main conundrum being how exactly I would get there... (And could my mum come too?)

With all this in mind then, imagine my excitement - no, my thrill this last Tuesday when taking a seat on the floor at Noah's music class, I realised that the parent next to me was none other than Ian Ziering (aka Steve Sanders of 90210) who was there with his baby girl!!

Living in Los Angeles, you do get pretty blase about seeing celebrities...But this, now this was big! I actually found myself momentarily lost for words when "Steve" handed Noah some maracas, quizzing me on his age and general development in the way new parents typically do. Miraculously, I regained composure and somehow managed to play it cool, with what I hoped was a casual "don't I know you from somewhere?" facial expression.  It took just about all of my acting ability to keep this facade of nonchalance up for the duration of the class. Staying after for the customary "post-class parent chat" was out of the question; I quickly grabbed Noah and literally raced out of there, shaking just a little bit(!) I then drove home way too fast and promptly called my mum, announcing; "I'm really doing it mamma - I'm living in Beverly Hills and I'm friends (slight exaggeration at this early stage, but oh well) with Steve Sanders!"

Good thing it wasn't Jason Priestly in that baby class, or I might have suffered actual heart failure...

ps. What's more, I am practically married to David Silver.

Sean has been mistaken more than once for Brian Austin Green.
Lucky him, I guess. (Or perhaps that should be Lucky me? :)

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Christi said...

WOW!! I can definitely relate to being that giddy 12-year-old watching 90210. It aired Thursdays here, followed by Melrose place. Oh, those were the days! What a neat story. :) Can you take a sneaky camera photo for me while you are in class next time? Happy Fall, m'dear! Hugs to all! Especially that darling lil' puppy pup.

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