Monday, November 21, 2011


There is this cute blue-eyed baby living in the gold framed mirror in our bedroom. Noah really (really!) loves him, and what's sweet is, he loves Noah right back.
Sometimes they even make out...

"Hey - can a baby have some privacy, please?"

Happy Monday!


Monday, November 14, 2011

8 (and 9) Months

Celebrating nine months today, my little Noah-bear is growing up. No scheduled doc's visit this month, but four weeks ago his stats were thus:

Weight: 20.5 lb (9kg) 65%, Height: 28.5"(72cm)76%.

Just this last week he's been a busy bee mastering both the crawl and clapping! It's hard to say which he is prouder of, but both are pretty fun to watch him do. He also decided to drop nursing, which was a little hard on me at first, (never did do well with rejection ;) but on the other hand I'm glad he spared me the difficult decision of When to Wean... Anyways, we're over it now, and Noah has got the one hand bottle move down (with a casual nonchalance that is impressive for his tender age). Still incredibly happy and sociable, he is just so much fun to be around, I bring him with me everywhere and he really loves being out and about. Sean and I are both people who need our own space, so it's wonderful for us that Noah seem to have inherited this trait: Plonk him on the floor with some toys or a book, and he can happily play alone for a good 10-15 min, babbling his sweet baby-language of mamama, dadada, bababa, interspersed with the occasional squeal of delight. He also does this awesome thing every night now when he sits in my lap just before bed; We'll be winding down, singing some songs, finishing his bottle, and then I say "kiss?" and he smiles before leaning in, putting his face really, really close to mine and then opens his mouth! Makes for some pretty slobbery smooches, but it's pure bliss as far as I am concerned. :)

Funny note: When my mum saw the middle photo above she exclaimed "Wow, Noah really looks like Sean there!" Hehe I agree. :)

It's not all roses all the time of course; he most certainly has a temper and can get crazy frustrated when things don't go his way. He hates having his nose wiped for example, or when he can't reach something, and for the first few seconds after being laid down on the changing table (you'd think he's about to endure torture based on his reaction!) ...When he's done eating he makes this very clear by forcefully pushing whatever is on offer away, tossing his angry little head back while vigorously shaking it and yelling: "nanananana naaa". (Yes, we need to work on table manners.) Thankfully, these tantrums normally pass quickly, and he is very easily distracted - something I've learned to use to my advantage... :) I believe that a steady schedule and routine have been key to what so far has been an incredibly harmonious first year. Noah has slept through the night since he was six weeks, practically putting himself to bed thanks to the self soothing mechanism that is thumb sucking. He still naps (long, two hour naps) on cue twice daily. His voice has remained a little husky which I adore and he never wakes up crying, he just sort of "sings" to himself (or to his teddy) until one of us goes to pick him up. He likes to zone in on tiny objects - a button, a freckle, a drop of water - and carefully poke at it with his index finger, brow furrowed in concentration...The easiest way to make him laugh his deep little-man-laugh is still by tickling his tummy or underneath his chin(s). He loves his food and his bottle and his bath and his stroller and his toys and his dog, his baby friends, his grandparents and his mama and daddy  - and generally hasn't given us much trouble at all. Yet.

So what did we do to deserve him? Uhm, not sure, but I do say a little prayer of thanks each night, hoping it will increase the chances of things continuing exactly like this through his teenage years... (!)

Wishing you a lovely week ahead, xo

Just Cause

It's cute. :)

One of Noah's latest achievements is sitting up from a laying position. I love walking into his nursery after  naptime to see his smiling little face peek out over the crib...

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Hello Fall

I know, it's already November and for most of you Fall is old hat by now. Nevertheless, this weekend was when it truly kicked in for our little family in terms of seasonal tradition. We went to a patch and (Noah) found the perfect pumpkin - so perfect in fact, that I stopped Sean from carving it. We dressed up (Noah) for Halloween (I came to my senses and realised this is way too fun a holiday to pass on. :) We went trick or treating with friends at the annual "Halloween Hop" on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica (where most of the store keepers were in full costume, handing out candy and balloons). And finally, we (Noah) caught a nasty cold... Yes, Fall has definitely arrived!

Oooh and on a different note, The President came by our apartment on Monday!! Well, he and his motorcade drove by the building. But still, pretty cool, eh? (Not as cool as me meeting "Steve Sanders" the week before of course, but nothing is obviously going to top that...) It was a big deal here in Beverly Hills with lots of streets, including ours, being closed off for Mr. Obama's sole use. Some civilians were very annoyed by the inconvenience this caused to their commute; I overheard one smartly dressed, but rather tense, "gentleman" assault a police officer by wildly gesturing and shouting: "That guy" (President Obama, obviously.) is just SUCH an @#$ - hole!!!!!!" (!)
... Anyways,  The motorcade was quite something; probably 30 or so vehicles long with fancy town cars and black SUV's and military vans and lots and lots of police on motorbikes. I actually think I spotted the Man himself, though not in one of the fancy town cars as you might imagine, but in a plain, white minivan! Maybe it was just a body double (what a thankless job that would be!), or maybe they put him there just because it would be so very unlikely, in order to - you know - throw off a sniper or something...  What do I know? Either way -  it was clever.

... I actually geeked out and filmed the whole thing, but alas, it is just too long (and dull?) a video to post here, so y'all have to make do with some Halloween pics of my baby instead. :) Xx

After careful consideration Noah made his choice...

And had no regrets about it.

Hi Puppy! :)

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