Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Hello Fall

I know, it's already November and for most of you Fall is old hat by now. Nevertheless, this weekend was when it truly kicked in for our little family in terms of seasonal tradition. We went to a patch and (Noah) found the perfect pumpkin - so perfect in fact, that I stopped Sean from carving it. We dressed up (Noah) for Halloween (I came to my senses and realised this is way too fun a holiday to pass on. :) We went trick or treating with friends at the annual "Halloween Hop" on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica (where most of the store keepers were in full costume, handing out candy and balloons). And finally, we (Noah) caught a nasty cold... Yes, Fall has definitely arrived!

Oooh and on a different note, The President came by our apartment on Monday!! Well, he and his motorcade drove by the building. But still, pretty cool, eh? (Not as cool as me meeting "Steve Sanders" the week before of course, but nothing is obviously going to top that...) It was a big deal here in Beverly Hills with lots of streets, including ours, being closed off for Mr. Obama's sole use. Some civilians were very annoyed by the inconvenience this caused to their commute; I overheard one smartly dressed, but rather tense, "gentleman" assault a police officer by wildly gesturing and shouting: "That guy" (President Obama, obviously.) is just SUCH an @#$ - hole!!!!!!" (!)
... Anyways,  The motorcade was quite something; probably 30 or so vehicles long with fancy town cars and black SUV's and military vans and lots and lots of police on motorbikes. I actually think I spotted the Man himself, though not in one of the fancy town cars as you might imagine, but in a plain, white minivan! Maybe it was just a body double (what a thankless job that would be!), or maybe they put him there just because it would be so very unlikely, in order to - you know - throw off a sniper or something...  What do I know? Either way -  it was clever.

... I actually geeked out and filmed the whole thing, but alas, it is just too long (and dull?) a video to post here, so y'all have to make do with some Halloween pics of my baby instead. :) Xx

After careful consideration Noah made his choice...

And had no regrets about it.

Hi Puppy! :)


Anonymous said...

Ahh, our little boy's very first Halloween!!! And all dressed up to boot! Way too cute and I agree with you Emelie, the pumpkin was to sweet to cut up! Maybe next year! XXOO Peg

Tanja Arvidsson Ortner said...

Såå fina halloween-bilder! Noah blir ju bara sötare och sötare, och du som oroade dig så att du skulle få en ful bebis... ;) Kram!

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