Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

...Thought I'd squeeze in one last post while it's still 2011. As always, It's been a busy few weeks leading up to Christmas and unfortunately blogging fell further and further down my list of priorities. But, seeing as this was Noah's first, I was pretty good about documenting his every move and some of my holiday favourites will be in a post coming soon...

We just got back from a fun New Year's lunch with extended family hosted by Sean's parents, and this evening, for the first time since I was like 12, I'm ringing in the new year at home - with my mother! As babysitters are few and far between on New Years Eve, I foresee years of similar setups in the future... Not super rad, I know. But, with the company of my three favourite people, some champagne and strawberries, I find that I am quite looking forward to tonight. :) ...Perhaps I am getting old!

Hope it's festive and fun wherever you are,
Wishing you a wondrous 2012.

Chin chin! xo

My mum And Sean's Aunt Donna

Noah and Grandpa

Sean's cousin Parker, Uncle Michael and Rich

Finally mastered the living room steps - both ways!

Showing off his new skills to Great Uncle Jeff

My Mum and Sean's Uncle Rich

The Stanfield-Olcott's :)


Anonymous said...

Great pixs - especially the last! What fun it was having you all here to celebrate the end/beginning of years... Love you! Peg

Christi Mullet said...

Happy New Year! Loved your Christmas card...that Noah has the best wide-mouthed/wide-eyed grin. Such a doll.

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