Saturday, January 28, 2012

Boys will be boys

A car, a comfy seat, a drink, a black eye. (...and he's only 11 months!)

Have a great weekend! xo


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For Real

Here I was, thinking my Moses was the cutest puppy that ever lived, and then I saw this guy...

{Image Credit}

...Prompting me to bring out this old photo just to compare...

{Private Image}

Aww, still a contender :)

Happy humpday! xo

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fit for a Lady

I do not remember from where I borrowed this image.
 If you recognise its source please let me know!

I was just spending a moment going through my "digital mood board" (ie; a file on my computer holding images of things/trends I like. - I guess I ought to join the living and get on Pinterest (!)  ...Anyway, I was delighted to come across this beautiful dresser/mirror combo that must have been saved in there a while back. It is not mine, but I sure wish it was. Isn't it just perfect?

State of the Union Address

 - Hey Mr.Obama, Noah J is listening...

(Yes, yes I know children aren't supposed to watch TV before their second birthday... But tonight we made an exception for the President. :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two Weekends Ago...

 There I was, all relaxed and blissful on our One Night Mini Holiday. It was divine, it really was. As always, we arrived a little later than planned so we missed the sunset over the Pacific which I'm sure would have been spectacular (though upon checking in, the staff greeted us with champagne by the lobby fireplace, helping me to quickly get over that small mishap.) We then proceeded to our room where I took a quick bath to freshen up and wind down (love a nice soak before an evening out, it feels so old world romantic!) We deliberately overdressed (as we rarely get to do that nowadays) for a candlelit three course dinner which took forever and was deliriously delicious. Oh and best of all; afterwards we snuck in to the closed-for-the-night pool area to sit in the hot tub which had a cosy firepit next to it. We were all alone under the stars, no sound save for the warm, bubbly water and the waves of the ocean crashing against the cliffs far, far beneath us...
Next morning I woke bright and early at 7am.  So excited was I about the fact that I didn't have to get up, that sadly, I couldn't sleep (!) It was pretty great just staying in bed though, knowing that no one was waiting for me to feed, diaper or play with him :) To maximize this feeling of not having to do anything we ordered room service and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast by the ocean view window...

Buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, fresh orange juice,
 coffee and bagels and lox. (In case you were wondering.)

After breakfast we went for a hike on the clifftop trail
 that runs along the resort.

Even though we left the gorgeous um, milieu of "Terranea oceanfront resort" somewhat reluctantly, it certainly helped to know that these two were waiting for us at home...

Noah and Mormor did great on their own, no trouble to report,
 only fun and a good night's sleep apparently.
We brought back fresh tulips
 and some (free:) hotel beauty products as a thank you.

Ahh two weekends ago... Can I have a repeat please?

Monday, January 16, 2012


...Just in case you had the Monday blues. :) xo

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas 2011 - A Retrospective

From top left: Excitement on Christmas Morning. Christmas Day at Grandma & Grandpa O's. Apples and Oranges. Cuddles with Mormor. Sean pours the Christmas champagne. Photo op by the rather spectacular Beverly Hills City Tree. Family portrait. Noah gets a race car. Having a chat with Grandma and Mormor. Christmas tree shopping with Daddy. Christmas Eve at our place. First ever Christmas gift. Eli the Elephant in his new ride. Christmas tree shopping with Mama. High Five! Christmas Eve at our place.

Noah's first Christmas, and it was wonderful - possibly my best ever. Mormor came and stayed for three weeks, we celebrated a cosy Christmas Eve Swedish style at home just the four (five) of us, drinking mulled wine, munching on ham and opening presents from the folks back home. On the 25th we woke up early-ish to drive over to Grandma and Grandpa's for bagels with cream cheese and lox on their terrace. We had a great day there with lots of gifts, music and play. A sumptuous turkey dinner was followed by a long walk on the beach with the dogs. Lovely. The only thing missing really was my brother and his little family... Oh and some snow. :)

Noah and Moses and the Tree.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our Adopted Child

Moses. Mosi-Mo. Moses-for-the-mostest. Little Red. Secreteriat. Mosi-Cozy. Momo. Mummy's little puppy-pup. (Should I go on? ;)  Anyways, he turns three years old today so I felt that he deserved his very own blog post. We love our doggy, just as we have each and every day since we drove to Bakersfield, CA to pick him up when he was only eight weeks old. (He was soo tiny then, that on the long drive home, he curled up in one of my hands, snuggling his cold little nose just under my shirt cuff.

I, who had always disliked dogs, slowly came around to the idea after years of prodding from my puppy-loving husband. I started noticing dogs everywhere, did my breed research and read books on puppy training before finally settling on the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. (Sean gave me free reign, only asking that I chose a dog "large enough for a heterosexual guy to walk"...) I found Moses via an ad on a puppy site; there was a picture of him next to his almost identical brother, plus some information indicating that they were bred by a reputable breeder. When we got there we saw that he was the smallest (don't care for the word "runt") in a litter of five. We met his playful daddy "Diego" and his beautiful mummy "Rosie" who by the way did the sweetest thing:  Sean was kneeling on the floor next to the crate where Moses and one of his brothers were kept, and Rosie walked up and laid her pretty little head in his lap, looking him in the eyes as he pet her. It was like a vote of confidence; "I trust you, now take good care of my baby". His brothers and sisters were all gorgeous, but I knew the second I set eyes on him that Moses was my dog. My first dog... I remember exactly what I wore, I remember the wonderful sunset over the fields as we were driving back and the classical music we played softly in the car (to soothe his little puppy nerves)... It was a very special day. ♥

Sean with Moses almost three years ago outside the breeder's house,
 just before we took him home.

Earlier today on his favourite spot;
the office rug from which he can survey the kitchen,
 dining area and parts of the living room.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Ta Da! (and 10 months)

21 lb, 1 oz (50%) 29.5 in (75%) = Long and lean like his daddy. Oh and last week, he said his first word! (Other than "mamma" which he says all day long :) It was a glorious moment when he stood up in his crib, pointed at his favourite book on a nearby side table and clearly said "book". I of course was beyond excited and have tried and tried for him to repeat himself so that someone other than mother may hear this little genius speak [about literature]. But to no avail! Well, all in good time I guess... He is Mr.Mimic these days and will bark whenever he sees a dog or hears Moses come and go. He also laughs when we laugh which is hilarious and he nods and shakes his head and drinks from his sippy cup unaided. Yes, time is going way too fast and I want to keep Noah just as he is right now much, much longer; In less than two weeks he will be 11 months and then One Year Old in February...
Though he may become a "toddler" very soon, he'll be my baby forever (I tell myself to feel better).

Hope you have a lovely weekend planned? Tomorrow Sean and I are driving down the coast to Palos Verdes where we will stay at this resort (sans baby!) for one night. We. can't. wait. The idea of not having to get up until we actually wake up sounds nothing short of heavenly. Thanks again for the best Christmas gift ever Mark and Peggy! Since I will be comfortable in the knowledge that Noah is in safe hands at home with mormor, I actually look forward to missing him a little... Or a lot. :)


Look who's standing!

...About five seconds later

Gets a job well done-hug from his proud Mormor
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